The Murder of Graham Staines

Here's what happened in the gruesome murder case of an Australian missionary Graham Staines and his sons, in Odisha twenty-one years ago.

01/23/2020 12:24 PMupdated: 01/23/2020 3:27 PM
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  • Susheel P.
    2 days

    yeah how many videos for women raped in kashmir man cut into pieces in kashmir fucking jihadi page this brut is

  • Aniket Z.
    2 days


  • S V.
    2 days

    Dhara Singh vs state of Orissa. Evidence law case.

  • Chan R.
    2 days

    निंदनीय कृत्य हर हर महादेव 🙏🙏

  • Shiv S.
    2 days

    Darashing zindabad

  • Mallika K.
    2 days

    My heart 💔�av

  • Mollahh A.
    2 days

    I miss you Atol bhihati

  • Alok K.
    2 days

    He was involved in conversion of Hindu to Christian insisting the Dakota. for this why he was not going anywhere in Muslim majority area because he know he will be killed at first sight in that kind of regions.

  • Rakesh K.
    2 days

    Jo hua wo bahut Bura hua lakin Dharam pariwartan usse bhi Bura hai ...

  • Shubham N.
    2 days

    He is very good man .par convert karana no good

  • Nanjil N.
    3 days

    This is what missionaries did to our country, and this is the same reason Manuwadis hate them to the core!

  • Sa T.
    3 days

    Its other side should also be viewed.May be Dara Singh & others were forcibly accused;but what christians did in Odisha and are doing by converting innocent-poor dalit aadivasis to christianity is very very heinous and shameful.

  • Mohamad S.
    3 days


  • DrPratik M.
    3 days

    These people are freaks. They were doing good deed. And they killed them. Jerks

  • Raghu N.
    3 days

    O my god

  • Shrut S.
    3 days

    RSS ne pure desh ko tabah kar dena he Sikh, adivasi, isai, muslim surakshit nahi hain inki wajah se

  • Kanti B.
    3 days

    forceful conversion must be stopped.then there would not be any accidents like that.

  • Rajnarayan Y.
    3 days

    Yes he was involve in forceful conversion......same incident was happen in Godhra 2002....

  • Mustaq K.
    3 days

    It was the step to show Hindu Terrorism all over the world.In India it is continuing .RIP

  • SancHit U.
    3 days

    Saurabh Khanduri