The Oxford Union Debate On Modi

Should we have confidence in Narendra Modi? As the Modi government 2.0 completes one year, here’s a flashback from 2019 when a well known Modi critic and an ardent supporter of the PM locked horns at an Oxford Union debate.

06/01/2020 4:57 AM
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  • S. L.
    13 hours

    The lady is preaching. The man speaks wisely.

  • Tony D.
    14 hours

    Fairy tale government of India very scarry

  • Savio T.
    16 hours

    Not bad we need more people like bushan ...keep hoping hoping lady

  • Ngulkholun L.
    17 hours

    Modi bought 90% of T V Channels and printed media. All are praising him and him alone .India is finished and it would not be easy to undo and rebuilt India again . India is ruled under emotion and sentiment not by reason and intellect which had guided human kind in the past.

  • Suryanarayana R.
    18 hours

    Prashant Bhushan is an intellectual not rooted in Bharat. He is an educated offshore Indian talks seems great but prejudiced. He is one among the people India who wants their choices party or person to given India. But if not they want them to resign disrespecting the mandate. They feel they only matter people not. Everything for them is a hobby. No survival problem.

  • Anterjot S.
    20 hours

    After having faith in mr. Modi we are in our worst time ever so there is no need now ..... Modi hatao desh bachao should be the Moto now .... God bless all

  • ML A.
    20 hours

    Today I heard in a democratic country a king .... It's shamefull.

  • Kenneth B.
    20 hours

    Then why are you in the debate at Oxford Union???

  • Romin T.
    a day

    Every body modi is lier day by day his laying rate increase

  • Ashok K.
    a day

    Under modi india has regressed Intellectually Democratical Financially Socially Ethically ( congress did that ) Lost freedom , liberty , security if opposing the regime. These will be the dark years in indian history

  • Darshan C.
    a day

    She is so misinformed or uninformed or shall we say ignorant BHAKT

  • Pranav P.
    a day

    your opinion on media and institutions? Are they healthy enough?

  • Mubasheer A.
    a day

    That woman has got masters in spreading lies.

  • Yohan W.
    a day

    Has that women lost her father or mother due to standing in a line during demonitisation?... If she hasn't.. Then she should SHUT THE FUCK UP. When you are harmed directly bcz of his uneducated crap, then you'll understand. So stop blowing a trumpet just because u were paid

  • Yumlembam J.
    a day

    Diesel = 71 Hence proved

  • Mujahid K.
    a day

    Ask her to just stop talking and enjoy the luxury she has in that country cause she doesn't know anything bout what goes on here.

  • Jasmin P.
    a day

    Thankyou so much Sir for bringing out about National Sample organisation and how government has developed so much pressure on them. Aur Didi jha tk baat rhi apki to unemployment ke naam pr data aur statistics pr debate krne ke jagah personal experience Kyu bta rhi ho 😑

  • Joe O.
    a day

    Eat modi’s sheet for ur living ,

  • Christopher K.
    a day

    Fanatic, fekery, demagogic lawless autocratic Modi must be dethroned from prime ministership to save indians from all sorts of humiliation.

  • Sowzen X.
    a day

    I don't like her expression and the way she speaks...