• Salim J.
    30/08/2017 00:25

    Wow, Partition was the biggest blunder

  • Rachit G.
    18/08/2017 03:16

    Only Pakistan was divided on the basis of religion ,India is a secular nation till now ,wrong propaganda ,partition was the fantasy of Jinnah and greed of Nehru though Gandhi doesn't want this but I think Gandhi ko tabhi Anshan krte hue mr Jana tha jb wo partition k khilaaf baithe the,mr Jana isliye kyoki Gandhi k mrne ya jeene se Jinnah ko koi frk nhi pdta aur wo partition tb bhi krwata ,wo anshn kyo toda Gandhi n isliye m khta hu ki Gandhi jitna accha tha utna kharab bhi tha,doosri baat lekin jb 55 crore rp dene ki baat ayi to y banda anshn p baith k mrne k liye tyyar ho gaya

  • Abhishek G.
    16/08/2017 09:43

    Muhammad Nuruddin

  • Amit K.
    16/08/2017 08:41

    Ye sab hua nehru and jina ke karan dono ko kursi chhiye thi

  • Kay A.
    16/08/2017 08:20

    14 and 15 August 1947, I think millions of people, of every religion, every gender lost their lives but for what. Families, friends got separated but for what. Pakistan came into existence on the blood of millions, Indian got liberation on blood of millions but for what.... ?

  • Ramya G.
    16/08/2017 07:12

    So heart touching

  • Himmat T.
    16/08/2017 07:11


  • Navin T.
    16/08/2017 06:55

    ना हिन्दू से ना मुसलमान देश को खतरा है केवल् गाद्दरो से .........जय हिंद

  • Navin T.
    16/08/2017 06:52

    दंगो में आम आदमी ही मरता है नेता नहीं जैसे नेहरू अौर ज़िन्ना

  • Sachin G.
    16/08/2017 06:45

    Me no L MP. L; moms MBO p lol ml. P pl m p L. JB L MP m lmlmlmp mpml MP p. Pm L;; on L. Ll no m K on on pm on L MP nook MP ml L MP mlmpml m p; me; m ll on MP MP lmm lmmll ml MP 🐢🐣🐣

  • Sachin G.
    16/08/2017 06:44

    Llml L MP; L. Lp

  • Sarvesh D.
    16/08/2017 06:31

    Please show contribution of RSS in saving number of indians....efforts taken by RSS to keep kashmir in India

  • Sarvesh D.
    16/08/2017 06:29

    Pls dont ever forget to show how muslims killed innocent hindus and created blooded history.....

  • Vinay V.
    16/08/2017 06:22

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  • Samsing H.
    16/08/2017 05:30

    Jai hind

  • Anwar H.
    16/08/2017 05:29

    क्यो याद दिला ते हो उनको दिनोंदिन

  • Sulagna B.
    16/08/2017 05:27

    Can't we again dream of a unified India...

  • Sudhir S.
    16/08/2017 04:44


  • Rahul S.
    16/08/2017 04:39

    British have become successful. They have done what they wanted to do. i.e Hatred between India & Pakistan on basis of religion.

  • Shrikant C.
    16/08/2017 04:23

    Nonsense ad by Google

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