• Dharami D.
    3 days

    Pura. Bangladesi. Our. Pakistani muchlim

  • Wetso K.
    4 days

    They should change their place cos everybody know flood happen every year in this area also they are from Bangladesh . Govt. should do some alternative way to let this people live.

  • Danteshwari L.
    5 days

    Very pathetic.

  • Dhanya R.
    07/31/2020 07:13


  • Joydeep D.
    07/31/2020 04:33

    Deforestation... In a decade.. There will be no north east..

  • Christian A.
    07/31/2020 01:36

    Lord help them

  • Teresa-bernadette M.
    07/30/2020 16:24

    Poor people awful

  • Mugdha V.
    07/29/2020 19:18

    This is not good all of us as the citizens plus our government should start taking actions..

  • Dugi R.
    07/29/2020 18:52

    God bless u

  • Dearson D.
    07/29/2020 12:43

    The central nor the state govts have a long term plan on this natural disaster. But in the state some political leaders and bureucrates get richer whenever these floods occured.

  • Indoo T.
    07/28/2020 22:14

    Why can't ALL the BIG Brains sit together and do something?

  • Milla R.
    07/28/2020 16:18

    Human always trying to find solutions to problems created by them every now and then πŸ˜“

  • Surong N.
    07/28/2020 15:14

    Corrupt government

  • Lourdes R.
    07/28/2020 02:21

    India buys billions of dollars in armaments from Russia and the USA but, the government can’t provide a decent life for their poor citizens. Yes, we are far from being perfect but, we have; Snap and welfare to help the needy and we also fund the reconstruction of nature’s destruction on citizens homes and roads!

  • Jenny K.
    07/27/2020 20:16

    All of them are illegal Bangladeshi migrants

  • Luz M.
    07/27/2020 08:14

    Why do people stay there if they are loosing everything can't they start new somewhere else...it's so sad.

  • Lenin F.
    07/26/2020 18:39


  • Mohd K.
    07/26/2020 14:46

    Stop eating dogs!!! It's their curse.

  • Rahaman A.
    07/26/2020 13:09

    Coz they vote for Godi. πŸ€—

  • Monti S.
    07/25/2020 09:24

    These are illegal bangladeshis not bengali or assamese...they should be cought and sent back to bangladesh