The Story Of The Woman In Modi Govt's Housing Ad

Lakshmi Devi was surprised when she saw her picture alongside PM Narendra Modi in the government's affordable housing advertisement. Her reality was quite different...

23/03/2021 3:34 PMupdated: 23/03/2021 4:01 PM
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  • Akshat K.
    16/09/2021 05:36

    This is sad and funny at the same time lol

  • Veeru K.
    30/06/2021 06:40

    Desh ko kyon pagal banaa raha hai modi

  • Tashi N.
    19/06/2021 12:47

    dramabas bjp

  • Subir D.
    08/06/2021 18:43

    Was she in koma when somebody took her photo the way she is saying she doesn't know anything about it? And if it is true, those who made the ad are the dumbest people to capture someone's pic and advertise who isn't even the beneficiary. And people who are cursing the government, I have 100s of similar post's for Sonia government. It's not something new we are seeing. Surprisingly some people are extraordinary surprised by this post as if they have not seen such thing. Also who knows what's the actual reality. Sometimes opposition and paid media spread such news to defame the government. Not that I am supporting such act but I simply can't forget what previous government did to this country. I'm just not sure about one thing. I personally know many families who are the actual beneficiaries of housing scheme from current government. Why government will use someone's pic who has not received any benefits rather than using someone's who has actually received support form the government. Now if someone wants to argue about who has received the benefits, please use RTI.

  • Nemi C.
    02/06/2021 08:08


  • Yousha K.
    30/05/2021 18:08

    Dafaq bruhh

  • Anuja P.
    29/05/2021 05:28

    This woman is lying, I have seen her praising the PM so much in a doordarshan ad for PM awas Yojana, I am going to look for it today

  • Pooja T.
    29/05/2021 02:04

    Fake Modi fake BJP they can stoop as low as possible for power. Time to kick them out

  • Murari S.
    28/05/2021 12:13

    Saharanpur me kafi ko mila hai Fool kit media 🙂

  • Chetan S.
    28/05/2021 04:18

    do you still want us to play fools to such a amoral group of people, who fake it all over.

  • Sohrab S.
    27/05/2021 15:15

    Ha bhai kuch kehna chahenge aap is dogli raajneeti ko or fokat k vigyapan me lge arbo rs ko.... Ghrib mre to mre pr mera bhawan bnega 861 crore to kam h na

  • Nilesh D.
    27/05/2021 06:12

    All is jumlaa...modi hai toh saab munkin hai ...🤪

  • Abhishek C.
    27/05/2021 04:24

    Shame On Indian Administration and Govenment

  • Afe K.
    27/05/2021 03:06

    please wear helmet to avoid such accidents tc I love you 1+1

  • Shilpa P.
    26/05/2021 16:55

    He has made homes, to b exact, flats, in many part of Dehradun, and many poor people have got it.

  • Tashi C.
    26/05/2021 16:41

    Modiji ... please stop trying to be nice n giving.

  • Tippu S.
    26/05/2021 10:09

    Chor hi ye chor loot raha hi hame..

  • Furquan S.
    26/05/2021 03:11

    इसी तरह सरकार के झूठे वादे झूठे कामों की पोल ना खुल जाए इसीलिए व्हाट्सएप फेसबुक टि्वटर इंस्टाग्राम को हटाया जा रहा है गोदी मीडिया को कुछ नहीं कहा जाएगा

  • Krunal S.
    26/05/2021 02:22

    New scheme in market

  • Aman B.
    25/05/2021 23:19

    Simran Sandhu

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