The Student Who Accused Chinmayanand Of Rape

This law student, who accused Swami Chinmayanand of rape that led to his arrest, is herself behind bars on charges of extortion now. But her emotional plea for her help to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from last month is still being shared widely on social media.

09/27/2019 4:57 AM
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  • K D.
    09/27/2019 05:02

    Burn that so called bastard Neta alive.We Indians would be happy to see that.

  • Girish H.
    09/27/2019 05:03

    She is also Suspect

  • Beatrice P.
    09/27/2019 05:03

    They are all in the same boat. We cry out to God for justice over your case dear. Surely HE will bring the truth to light

  • Mohamad S.
    09/27/2019 05:03

    modi ji will never help.. you.. minister is from BJP.. beware.. don't do more bagging.. first untill the modi ji and his billionaire ministers fall inside the country

  • Dino J.
    09/27/2019 05:04

    BJP is full of rapists n criminals .

  • Saptam D.
    09/27/2019 05:04

    Massage was good but sad that you couldn't extort money from him

  • Shakeel I.
    09/27/2019 05:04

    Bullahit goondas rapist sadhus n baba ...this is Hinduism...

  • Rajarshi D.
    09/27/2019 05:04

    You are asking the wrong person for help,,,!

  • Kp S.
    09/27/2019 05:04

    गलत आदमी से मदद मांग रही आप उसका बस चले तो उसको cm बना दे up का

  • Ajay J.
    09/27/2019 05:04

    चिन्मयानंद को फांसी दो और इसको भी जेल करो। पैसे मिल जाते तो ये भी मुंह नहीं खोलती..

  • Ex G.
    09/27/2019 05:05


  • Chandil
    09/27/2019 05:05

    Bhawnawon pe mat jao, this girl is clever, with her friends, they were blackmailing, video is there

  • Abŭ-bākŗ K.
    09/27/2019 05:05

    Bharat meein saaab achaaa hai..

  • Cyril M.
    09/27/2019 05:05

    This is true India

  • Piyush P.
    09/27/2019 05:06

    madad bhi kisse maang rahi hai..jnke shah pr hi wo dhongi hai

  • ΛογαναθανΛογαναθαν Ρ.
    09/27/2019 05:06

    Crooks in the guise of sanyasi should be publicly will be deterrent to any others who plays with the lives of our helpless women in Barath.i sincerely hope that this crook doesn't getaway with it.

  • Abdul K.
    09/27/2019 05:06

    If this didn't shook your conscience, what else...

  • Roshan C.
    09/27/2019 05:07

    She shot forty videos before filing complaint, that doesn't makes any sense. We need to see both sides

  • Souvik R.
    09/27/2019 05:08

    It's interesting how TLI is giving special coverage to her despite her being a suspect. If the victim was a man, I bet TLI won't even publish or care.

  • Sasidharan T.
    09/27/2019 05:08

    Who knows what is the truth? Is there any scientific check to prove whether she had been harassed or not?