They Were Quick To Defend Arnab Goswami But Not Me: Patricia Mukhim

The veteran journalist Patricia Mukhim spoke to Brut on why she resigned from the Editors Guild of India.

21/11/2020 5:27 AM
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  • कुमार स.
    05/12/2020 17:30

    Patricia deserves every bit of treatment meted out to her by the guild. She is the champion of communalism in Meghalaya esp Shillong having a daily at her disposal( being the editor in chief of it) to spew venom against a community for whom she's got a innate hatred( God knows why). She only selectively puts forth the harassment of one minority community whenever there is a chance ( Her employment may have to do something with it) while vilifying the " Other" ( Her favourite punching bag community for they don't have a state yet though they are fighting for it for the past 102 years in the Himalayan foothills). I am happy that she has resigned from it for she does not have the character to portray the role of the one who gives voice to the voiceless. I wish she continues to be ignored by all such agencies. I wish her ugly and true face comes out in the open. By the way what was the procedure to be awarded Padma Shree during UPA regime... Anyone please??!!

  • Sourav D.
    27/11/2020 05:49

    Well said mam, support from non-tribal

  • Hynñiewtrep H.
    26/11/2020 17:56

    Down down Patricia Mukhim

  • Joseph M.
    26/11/2020 16:24

    I for one, is absolutely in 💯% agreement with this respectable Ma'am Patricia Mukhim. She's truly a patriot.

  • Jerry S.
    25/11/2020 17:16

    It's a sad state of affair that this woman potrays the incident in a communal colour, she has been a pain for the tribals of Meghalaya, I wonder y from the Mukhim clan they haven't ostracise her...the incident she refers to was just a scuffle among young group of boys from different communities not specifically tribal boys who were being portrays as the main assaulters...what about the Khasi boy who was killed in Ichamati???till date we haven't heard a single word of protest from her about the incident..

  • Emma E.
    25/11/2020 16:40

    Don't trust this Hyprocrite!!!

  • Shyamu A.
    25/11/2020 15:25

    If I go by her words she is right....the question of region and tribe does not matter,being a civilized human being, it is a moral obligation to defend the truth....and I feel she was doing tat ...question is not abt I am right or you are right but what is right. .... ill treatment in any forms is against humanity and civilized it may be here but again tomorrow it may be somewhere else. Hence...right should be always supported and defended.....

  • Mawlong M.
    25/11/2020 14:08

    If a tribal boy hit a non tribal boy, or a non tribal boy hit a tribal boy she should mention their names from both comunity. Who did wrong n if the government did'nt take any action then she can go against the government why the government don'nt do anything.. why she mention tribals n nontribals.. n why she wanted to created hatret between two comunities..

  • Forester P.
    25/11/2020 10:05

    Bakwas idiot Shillong Times should band in Meghalaya for another few years.She is a liar.

  • Hin P.
    25/11/2020 07:42

    Thnks for being honest

  • Donlakador W.
    24/11/2020 19:16

    She never respect human being... she's only respected a Dkhar.

  • Bijoya S.
    24/11/2020 17:39

    I stand by you

  • Pynroiki T.
    24/11/2020 16:53

    She might be a khasi but not her generation make no mistake of that

  • Samuel C.
    24/11/2020 15:40

    Great courage madam. You stood upright when people of your profession stooped very low.

  • Madhava N.
    24/11/2020 15:11

    Arnab Proud Brave Son of India

  • Genghis G.
    24/11/2020 15:04

    Whatever c is or was ,but what c said in this article is a subject not to be tolerated

  • Paplu C.
    24/11/2020 14:52

    I support you,,,

  • Rajesh K.
    24/11/2020 14:03

    I really appreciate you Ma'am. We need more person like you in society who stands for rights.

  • Amanda L.
    24/11/2020 06:18

    I feel ma'am took her decision as a member of the Guild, it is wise too. But I think should also do some research on Ma'am Patricia, ethnocentrism is different and being human is on the other side and partiality is different. 🙏 I totally condemned on how they took on Arnab's act. I'm just a . 🙏

  • Cade A.
    24/11/2020 01:58

    Similarity - both Arnab and Patricia are liars Difference - one is more popular than the other so🙉