This 20-Year-Old Takes Cares For More Than 20 Orphans

He might not be their biological father, but they all call him abba ji. Here is an inspiring Father's Day story about raising India's next generation.

16/06/2019 9:03 AM
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  • Tribhuvan P.
    02/12/2020 02:30

    Good work done by Rehmani, surprisingly he got frustrated by Yogi's appointment as CM and could judge him hate speech propagator but he could never hear the hate speech propagators (number has been rapidly on rise) from other side so that he could also judge them..... based on his image projection here on this platform! All is Well That ends Well like his frustrations also ended and he chose path of Seva (service to humanity).

  • Ravi S.
    25/07/2020 15:41

    i was also thinking about to do the same .

  • Inamullah S.
    24/07/2020 20:37

  • Arbaz K.
    24/07/2020 07:15

    Great job brother

  • Yash L.
    23/07/2020 10:53

    Fucking paid channel. Ask him to take care of ur daughter.

  • Rafeek K.
    21/07/2020 22:54

    great job

  • Dolly R.
    21/07/2020 14:46

    God bless you dear

  • Rameen S.
    20/07/2020 14:42

    Amazing bro!

  • Dickson G.
    20/07/2020 08:37

    Bless u bro

  • Roy M.
    18/07/2020 16:33

    Young man with a big heart ❤🙏🙏🙏🤗

  • Yash R.
    18/07/2020 14:04

    Dont present him as a hero, he is a political jihadi.

  • Ashish J.
    18/07/2020 11:18

    Even An idiotic thought can start a good deed. He should thank to yogi. That’s how Yogis inspires.

  • Gadasalli S.
    18/07/2020 04:05

    Shabhash and Pranams to Rahamani for his Noble deeds and Generous Heart.God Bless him to be a Role Model Leader for future Generations.Hope he will change his opinions about Yogi Adityanath and learn from him.Om Shanti

  • Chintan G.
    17/07/2020 18:15

    I think not only muslims but also other religion's people collabarate with educated muslims and needs to focus on education of muslims kids.

  • Jyothika G.
    17/07/2020 17:18

    Great work...keep it up....

  • Ashu D.
    17/07/2020 14:18

    Sadly his posts are only full of hate for the majority who chose this govt. Expect him and his gang to transfer the same to these kids in future

  • Vijender K.
    17/07/2020 11:31

    वो नकली ID बना कर बहकाते है... झूठी व अधूरी खबरे फैलाते है.. देशद्रोहियो का साथ देते है.. जिस देश मे रहते है उसी देश से गद्दारी करते है......अपने देश को ही तोड़ने की कोशिश करते ...दूसरे देशो के लिए जासूसी करते है.....गद्दारी इस गद्दार कौम के खून मे है ....कुछ लालची दोगले जयचंद भी इन मीर जफरो का साथ देते है पैसे , पार्टी और रिलीजन के नाम पर......सब गद्दार, चोर, लुटेरे जिनका हराम का धंधा बंद हो गया है....मोदी को हटाना चाहते है क्योंकि जानते है जब तक मोदी है इनके षड्यंत्र सफल नही होंगे....# Do Not Believe or Follow Traitors

  • Osama K.
    16/07/2020 16:22

    Hats off dear brother

  • Hanaan M.
    16/07/2020 15:04

    true Indian

  • Rosy M.
    16/07/2020 12:12

    Rahamani my Hero.

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