This 20-Year-Old Takes Cares For More Than 20 Orphans

He might not be their biological father, but they all call him abba ji. Here is an inspiring Father's Day story about raising India's next generation.

06/16/2019 9:03 AM
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  • Prabal K.
    06/16/2019 09:09


  • Ann G.
    06/16/2019 09:10

    Wow you r really a g8 person .. God bless u in what ever you lay ur hands on.

  • Asif A.
    06/16/2019 09:11

    Great human being....may Allah bless you

  • Utkarsh S.
    06/16/2019 09:13

    He himself is a propagator of hate speech and is a hardcore Muslim. His hate speeches are subtle and very communal. He jibes at people who are Hindus. You will never see him condemning any lynching sorts happening with Hindus. I bet you haven’t seen that side of him as he is conveniently anti-right and hence your buddy. There is this uncanny resemblance between Rahul G. and himself.

  • Shaik I.
    06/16/2019 09:15

    Good going bro my suggestion is forget politics and do wat u r doing

  • Sufi N.
    06/16/2019 09:25

    Inspiring person

  • Rat A.
    06/16/2019 09:26

    Great human being. May God bless u n all kids.

  • Radha K.
    06/16/2019 09:35

    It's too good, go ahead dear brother

  • Almy F.
    06/16/2019 09:43

    Which platform do ya use for editing videos😅?

  • Nilesh P.
    06/16/2019 09:43

    Great Work....GBU

  • Susanne T.
    06/16/2019 09:47

    Don't say "children" if it should rather be "boys". Great job, Sir. Thank you for caring for these boys who wouldn't have anybody else otherwise.

  • Alamgir M.
    06/16/2019 10:02

    Wali Rahamani

  • Neeta W.
    06/16/2019 10:04

    Great job with wisdom based intention ....Salute you ! Best wishes...

  • Deep Z.
    06/16/2019 10:11

    Wow... Great inspiration

  • Shahrukh C.
    06/16/2019 10:12

    Proud of you Wali bhai❤️

  • Moidu C.
    06/16/2019 10:17

    Really heart touching.... Great Rahmani....

  • Ahmed
    06/16/2019 10:19

    you are the role model for young generation

  • Sovanjan S.
    06/16/2019 10:21

    Nice step

  • Rajkumari B.
    06/16/2019 10:29

    Great job

  • Ranjeet K.
    06/16/2019 10:30