• Haja I.
    26/04/2022 11:50

    Who is the route cause of the problem God or politicians or those worshipers the stone / unseen ? some worshipping stones and some throw stones on those stone worshippers...

  • Soumya S.
    23/04/2022 20:40

    Arey ye foreign media wale tab se India ko badnaam kar rahe hain. Khud ki countries mein encroachment hone denge kya. Humein ladate hain aadhi sachai dikha ke. Billiyo ki ladai ke bandar hain ye Brut wale.

  • Rajesh G.
    23/04/2022 16:49

    When victim card is more valuable than credit card

  • Abukar D.
    22/04/2022 19:28

    They forced him to lie the second video.

  • Rameek A.
    22/04/2022 15:37

    Some sick minded people posting laughing emojis for his agony, what a shame..

  • Obaid U.
    22/04/2022 14:45

    Shameless MP government officials

  • Rosie H.
    21/04/2022 13:46

    How can he pelt stones, that poor man..hes a double amputee..this seems political. Idk..

  • Hasnain A.
    21/04/2022 10:52

    India under terrorist regime

  • Muzamil U.
    21/04/2022 09:54

    Very painful to see who are laughing on the loss of this poor man. Imagine if you loss your life assets, than what will happen?

  • Zohaib S.
    21/04/2022 09:20

    ALLAH pak ka kehar inpe barsega jald inshaALLAH bht jald

  • M. S.
    21/04/2022 08:24

    Bsdko iske to hath bhi nhi the 😡😡

  • Ashi R.
    21/04/2022 05:41

    Killing Muslims and wiping their houses is legal and all of suden all houses belonging to Muslims become illegal what a coincidence bravo but to defend theirselves with stones is a kind of bad act what a shame Bravooo indians Bravo shame on ur so called secular country .

  • پرے م.
    21/04/2022 04:37

    Kisi nay kaha tha inn ko agr app kitna b desh bakhti dekhawo to b tum par zulum hoga pr yeh nahi manay ab bogtoo

  • Gaurav S.
    21/04/2022 03:08

    Aao secularism badai 😎😎

  • Roddur A.
    20/04/2022 21:10

    Yeh nikalo priyanka pate ko.

  • Jawahar B.
    20/04/2022 13:24

    BJP IT cell is now trying to targeting brut india, these idiots are working hard for the masters survival not realising their demise sooner or later.

  • Rehaz B.
    20/04/2022 12:06

    I sincerely pity that lady municipal officer for her lies, lady fear the day when you will be brought to account.

  • Rishi G.
    20/04/2022 11:47

    This all act is done by politicians why make others suffer

  • DrRishi D.
    20/04/2022 10:26

    Nice try Brut

  • Vivek N.
    20/04/2022 08:25

    He deserves Justice

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