This BJP Spokesman Mentioned Sridevi In An Unusual Context

This BJP spokesman made an unusual remark during a heated discussion about how central tax revenue should be divided among states.

03/27/2018 1:58 PM
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  • Shubham M.
    03/27/2018 14:03

    Why did you edit the video ?? Your news comes on the back of this already going North South Tax Saga started by Congress!! Are you at Brut India related to Cambridge Analytica too??

  • Ravi S.
    03/27/2018 14:11

    Bhakt logic 😂😂😂😂

  • Kunal K.
    03/27/2018 14:14

    Brut make a video of Cambridge analytica whistleblower naming congress as their client in India. Got guts???

  • Maddy C.
    03/27/2018 14:22

    explain whats wrong in what he said ....??

  • Shagun S.
    03/27/2018 14:30


  • Mahesh D.
    03/27/2018 14:32

    Admin go back to basics

  • Siddharth D.
    03/27/2018 16:06

    Would like to see you report on this as well Cambridge analytica whistle blower #ChristopherWylie claims they had business with Congress in various "regional projects"

  • Tambidurai C.
    03/27/2018 16:32

    Whoa whoa whoa Damn give that man a cabinet post

  • Prajwal G.
    03/27/2018 16:35

    This guy is just like my girl Talks bullshit with no context or connection 😂😂😂

  • Mayank S.
    03/27/2018 16:37

    Brut why are you people showing a small clip! Play the whole show 😎 I have seen the whole show. You just took one part. Which still can't fulfill your desire.

  • Sarvesh B.
    03/27/2018 16:45

    Okay...Soooooo.. what do you want to say?...guys one more stupid video and you got one follower less

  • Leon A.
    03/27/2018 16:50

  • Mithun M.
    03/27/2018 16:50

    south india is busy in increasing countries GDP . but north india is busy in increasing population. work from us rewards for those .😞 bruttt india

  • श्रद्धाजंलि न.
    03/27/2018 16:53

    Is brut congress licker ..I will follow few more posts if so .. definitely i will unfollow

  • Simranjeet S.
    03/27/2018 16:53

    Harkirat Singh Gill

  • Neelabh C.
    03/27/2018 16:59

    A nation is like a family .... In family we don't discuss who brings the money and who fights for the security of your home . If South works hard for the economic well being of India then North provides the bulk of manpower in the armed forces which defends the territorial integrity of the nation . North East is also now being assimilated in the national mainstream . If the contours of political unity of India is being framed from the North then South is spearheading the contours of Cultural Unity . However some vested interests in the opposition are willing to forsake the idea of national unity so that the ruling party doesn't gets the credit in history for attaining the political and cultural unity of India in their tenure at the same time . Pages like Brut India are working restlessly to pave for division of India either on caste lines or regional lines . It is for we Indians conscious of our national identity to defeat their nefarious propaganda

  • Saurabh M.
    03/27/2018 17:05

    Divide us brut, but we won't.

  • Kiran A.
    03/27/2018 17:07

    What's wrong in what he said? You are trying to make up things deliberately...

  • Kavitha J.
    03/27/2018 17:15

    How sensible was that😑

  • Chris D.
    03/27/2018 17:15

    Maybe North India shed more tears than south India coz they have more people in North India than in south India