• Nancy P.
    02/08/2020 13:27

    Thank You!

  • Pongshing K.
    26/02/2020 14:49

    Good job

  • Pratima B.
    25/02/2020 11:19

    Well done Sir. 🙏

  • Qwery K.
    23/02/2020 20:01

    Why are woman not think about the safety. If someone give her safety then it is not acceptable. Because it is given by man. Sorry i like to inform you that your brother and father are also male. So said him that dont worry about me and i will be anough for my safty. Mam unless a man can nat feel safe in this social pollution situation of country. Then you said because she is woman then please dont care about me.think about it a little

  • Suchitra R.
    23/02/2020 14:20


  • Ghouse M.
    23/02/2020 09:36

    salute to this officer who takes personal interest for the safe guard of woman employees, god bless him,his family and save the nation. Jai hind.

  • Thot K.
    23/02/2020 00:41

    'Best Performing Chief Minister' of India goes to ...... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shantanu K.
    22/02/2020 20:34

    I have met him personally he is genuine.🙏🏻keep up the good work sir

  • Siddhant S.
    22/02/2020 20:16

    Acha mtlb ladki raat 11 baje akele ghoom paaye ya kahin ja paaye itna safe nhi ban sakta desh? Hamesha driver ya kisi male ke saath jaye? Ye kaisi azaadi or safety hui bhyi? Agar kisi ke saath kuch ho jaye to sawaal hotel pe nahi samaaj pe uthega, UP pe uthega or police pe uthega. Apni or samaaj ki kamzori hotel pe thop raha hai ye police waala.

  • Rakesh K.
    22/02/2020 18:47

    This shud b issued by HRD of India not by a thana adyakhs (i dont even know is it under his authority, but atlest he is asking for a right thing)

  • Abŭ-bākŗ K.
    22/02/2020 18:45

    Kudos to this police officer.

  • Rajpoot G.
    22/02/2020 14:10

    Nice work sir

  • Shamson A.
    22/02/2020 12:04

    Good sir ..

  • Ersidhathan M.
    22/02/2020 10:08

    It's hard to find such officers in UP....I think he is really concerned abt the safety of females...good

  • John I.
    22/02/2020 10:04

    Good step Sir Alok.

  • Joseph M.
    22/02/2020 08:06

    Incredible. This police man is really a gentleman.

  • Jagadeep M.
    22/02/2020 08:05

    Rare police officer... The real singam

  • Muhammad I.
    22/02/2020 07:34

    What if they are not safe from their hotel colleagues 🤔🤔🤔

  • Akhil K.
    22/02/2020 07:28

    We need people like that

  • Ravi P.
    22/02/2020 07:11

    A grand salute to SIR

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