This Intense Rescue Of A Parrot Will Cheer You Up

A terrified parrot was struggling to escape from a net. This is what happened next...🦜

23/02/2021 2:46 PMupdated: 23/02/2021 2:49 PM
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  • Aswini P.
    25/03/2021 07:56

    Good work.

  • Siddharth J.
    24/03/2021 08:47

    Staged as shit.

  • September P.
    01/03/2021 02:40

    Why they kept whose nets Though ?

  • Vishwas Y.
    28/02/2021 15:01

    Thanks for calling for help amd reaching....the creature

  • Denandni T.
    28/02/2021 08:35

    Please like & Follow my Page

  • Geeta G.
    28/02/2021 06:27

    Show off... ..!! First place you put net on your galary, then when birds get caught you call the rescue person..... stop...!! your nonsense in the first place. "Remove that net which itself is a big trap for any kind of birds. Ridiculous act.

  • Ranjit S.
    28/02/2021 06:26

    Modi in corporate web !!!!!!

  • Pema C.
    28/02/2021 06:08

    Both you guys are a blessing 🙏 Thanks for your promptness in aiding the poor baby It needed to be given some water to calm him down or at least sprinkled over his face It was a total nightmare for the parrot

  • Vivek P.
    28/02/2021 03:00

    This seems a staged video where they have deliberately trapped the bird. I have bird nets at home - difficult to get birds stuck like that. Just see how blunt the professional guys scissors are...

  • Kruthika K.
    27/02/2021 17:19

    OMG they placed net to avoid pigeon's because pigeon's affect human respiration 😱🤯....and that net would have killed that parrot thank god he saved that poor bird👍.....what if pigeon got trapped in same net ? Are they going to save it ! Seriously I doubt .... it's not good content 👎

  • Ashwin P.
    27/02/2021 15:32

    Chaan ❤️

  • Raksha T.
    27/02/2021 15:05

    Bird must have come for water everyone should keep a bowl of water for birds it is so hot out there.

  • Nitin S.
    27/02/2021 12:29

    Good work. Keep it up✌✌

  • Gagan M.
    26/02/2021 18:49

    And then they cooked chicken later in the evening. 🐓🐔

  • Kalpika M.
    26/02/2021 17:19

    Very sad to see this , this is a proof how we are invading and encroaching their lands and thn baring them , humans have become so greedy , can't we live in synch with the nature , how it use to be earlier , 😌

  • Sanchari M.
    26/02/2021 13:04

    My God the number of negative ppl on this thread who could only see that it took a while to cut the net. See the positive that this parrot got the help it needed. These nets are thick and not so easy to cut. Good job rescuing the parrot.

  • Kanchann B.
    26/02/2021 12:13

    Its really cruel to cover balconies with net... If u dont want birds to enter in balconies.. One day they ll never share earth with you... Thats why we are facing natural calamities.. They are taking revenge of these type of feelings... Stop thinking like that even do something for them.... Be human being

  • Rini D.
    26/02/2021 10:15

    Poor parrot got so scared

  • Kiran M.
    26/02/2021 07:30

    Thank Great job

  • Sachin K.
    25/02/2021 17:41

    Great job bro. Keep it up👍

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