This Man Spent 24 Years in Prison For Nothing

This Kashmiri man was jailed for 24 years for a crime he did not commit. Here is the story of Mirza Nisar Hussain from Srinagar.

12/10/2020 5:27 AM
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  • Daariq A.
    a day

    There are of in the of and all around the . They have being judged by 😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔🇮🇳🇮🇳indian_muslims and Muslims all around the world . Stay strong , almighty Allah is always with those who are patience 👆🏽❤️

  • Daariq A.
    a day

    The biggest democracy became the biggest islamophopia in the world . Sadly 🇮🇳 India and it’s system are ruined by thSS anle in the ( goverment_workers such us thce es rs and the bad islamophopicns and thia who always spreadinws anda againsms . Such as thad and so on . That is what makes the unknowledge people and the Young brainwashed hindu generations to became tools ons such adi and hiam

  • Joveria S.
    2 days

    The Indian judiciary is replete with similar fake cases.

  • Jay S.
    3 days

    Feeling very sorry.. Hearing all this

  • Prakash P.
    3 days

    Feeling bad for you to lost the 24 year of your young age and ruined your life..God bless u

  • Chindy C.
    3 days

    Waheguru ji

  • Gappy Z.
    3 days

    When you blast bombs throw stones and rocks on our army you get this kind of punishment mind it kashmiri jihadis

  • NK K.
    3 days

    Lost lives to a cruel country and government 😓😓

  • Nisha S.
    3 days

    So sorry... How worst the system is... God give u strength to lead a stress-free life ahead...

  • Veku T.
    4 days

    Most inefficient and dumbest justice system in the world is in India

  • Rijo N.
    4 days

    Fucking judicial system..

  • Rahul M.
    4 days

    Tats bad but instead of blaming just the system y dont he also blames the islamic terror groups to stop such activities coz of which such confusion might get created and such innocent had to suffer for their motives. That is not done at all which is most important.

  • Mohd S.
    4 days

    Don't worry Allah With you Brother..Insha Allah Later God Do the best judgement For yo you Soon ..

  • Shahabaz K.
    6 days

    More than the judiciary it is the police department who is at fault in this case. They do not investigate properly and cook up the case as per their own convenience.

  • Rishabh I.
    7 days

    Pls name the main accused !!

  • Rak A.
    7 days

    Fuck this law system

  • Hussain A.
    7 days

    This is the real face of brutality on innocent Kashmiris

  • Ram S.
    7 days

    मैं शर्मिंदा हूँ🙏

  • Sameer Q.
    7 days


  • Muhammad U.
    22/10/2020 07:03

    India is a heaven my dear. Be happy 😃 in every situation.

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