This Temple Briefly Denied Entry To The President of India

President Ram Nath Kovind and his wife were temporarily turned away from a temple in Odisha. They were the latest in a long list of notable Indians who have been denied access to this place of worship over the decades.

07/02/2018 10:58 AM
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  • Jayant K.
    01/29/2020 01:20

    If it is happen I criticise the temple associates person.

  • Suman K.
    07/12/2019 17:46

    Mischievous media trying to create rift in our society.

  • Madhuri D.
    07/11/2019 19:11

    Biased media with vested interests wants to create dissension & discord amongst Hindus. We are all one & should stand united. All castes are equal. My Dalit brothers & sisters are the ones who are carrying the flag of Hindu religion high. I know several friends who follow all the rituals of Sanatan Dharma meticulously. Therefore stop dividing Hindus.

  • Om P.
    07/06/2019 15:01

    Ugly face of Hindu society.

  • Jagdeesh P.
    07/06/2019 13:22

    Read the comments on post It’s fake news

  • Shrihari K.
    06/23/2019 20:50

    Lol temples are the last place to find God today

  • Sekhar K.
    06/21/2019 02:09

    The news could be fake. But across the country there are thousands of temples that deny entry to Dalits brazenly. I am an upper caste (Shudra) Hindu and I can vouch for my statement.

  • Indra A.
    08/26/2018 03:04

    Indira mrg with muslim not parsi

  • Shweta P.
    08/19/2018 13:34

    Wow 😯 im lucky to have been allowed go inside all times. Its very beautiful inside and a very rich experience

  • Manav B.
    07/10/2018 03:30

    Fake news .Govt should act on this news website as they are spreading hate in our society . If there is 1% truth in this news then we all Hindus should not visit this temple

  • Gulab C.
    07/09/2018 16:04

    Isi karan se hamara desh bata hai

  • Devadoss S.
    07/09/2018 15:53

    It's wrong to say Babasaheb Ambedkar was expelled from entering that temple. There's no documentary evidence to prove that Babasaheb tried to visit this temple. He was an arch enemy of Hindu religion. Only temple which he tried to enter is Kalaram temple in Nashik as a matter of right in an agitation along with thousands of "untouchables" .

  • Ravi S.
    07/09/2018 13:44


  • G P.
    07/09/2018 13:41

    Crazy people n crazy pandits...

  • Krishna K.
    07/09/2018 13:28

    Aise mandir mein jao hi kyo jaha caste dekh ke entry di jaati ho

  • Manoj K.
    07/09/2018 11:37

    Fake news Stop spreading rumours Don’t divide Hindus 😡😡😡😡

  • Sristi S.
    07/09/2018 11:22

    I visit Jagannath Dham every month I can firmly vouch for that there is no caste/community barrier as regards Darshan of Prabhu Of course it is a custom that that you can go nearer to Ratna Singhashan only in morning hours when it is opened for 45 mts to 1hour depending on Puja performed in Sanctum Sanctorum After that time the nearest position is barred for everybody ,no matter, whether he is normal visitor or VIP/VVIP visitor It is really praiseworthy that there is no separate timing or separate line for VVIP in Jagannath temple.. JAI JAGANNATH

  • Piyush G.
    07/09/2018 10:57

    Fake news... Pl ignore

  • Gaurav V.
    07/09/2018 10:51

    Fake news

  • Sidharth B.
    07/09/2018 10:34

    btw why non hindu want to go to temple if they dont believe in hindu god?