This Time NRC Nationwide, Says Amit Shah

The NRC in Assam cost Indian taxpayers more than Rs. 1,200 crore. India’s home minister has now announced a nationwide NRC.

11/21/2019 11:56 AM
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  • Ranjit R.
    04/11/2020 22:30

    Outsiders are settling throughout the whole India but how came mota tanker he will have to prove his ancestral tree n if his name is out of NRC then he should be brought to the detention centre for necessary action by the military officers n then for sure replacement will follow

  • Marshal K.
    12/01/2019 04:59

    Bjp sara ula phullta niyam kanoon se kya krna chahta.... Logo me darr paida krna chahta h ki

  • Aashi S.
    11/30/2019 08:56

    Divide Deviate and Distract what is done by the ruling government

  • Cedric M.
    11/30/2019 07:06

    This Govt is Failure and only making Scams n Sipping Money the Reason Criminals, Uneducated Ministers n PM, Look at this Fellow he is a Tadipar Criminal n Chor from his Character n Face.

  • Mahesh K.
    11/29/2019 10:14

    NRC is the nation need. If this Illegals immigrants don't removed from nation then our future generation will have to pay a huge cost for that. The amount is huge because the population is also huge.

  • Richy R.
    11/28/2019 21:04

    NRC is good

  • Zabi S.
    11/28/2019 07:53

    Sale tadipar khudto clean chit le phale

  • Raja S.
    11/28/2019 05:59

    Best time to loot India.

  • Utpal D.
    11/28/2019 05:42

    Do another work except it, actually it is waste of money & time ....

  • Tushar V.
    11/28/2019 02:54

    Yes NRC is need of time

  • Chowdhury S.
    11/27/2019 18:26

    I just don't understand why this man always talk about this shit things why not about GDP n economy

  • Mohammadyunus B.
    11/27/2019 16:08

    Again he is not mentioned Muslims in his speech

  • Danny C.
    11/27/2019 10:51

    Hramkhoro ko dar lg rha h NRC se bs

  • Abu H.
    11/27/2019 08:32

    Choronka baap

  • Platini M.
    11/26/2019 18:44

    Nice amit shah

  • Sengbath D.
    11/26/2019 05:32

    We hate Bjp

  • Md M.
    11/25/2019 18:27

    These morons are hiding their inefficiencies by doing blunders one after another. We the idiots is correct phrase for We the People.

  • Sidharth P.
    11/25/2019 15:47

    It's better than feeding thousands of illegal immigrants.

  • Sunny S.
    11/25/2019 15:08

    bht tej chanel h ye

  • Atmadeep S.
    11/25/2019 11:07

    This is what happens when you have a PM who has specialized in "entire political science"