Three Cops Suspended for Thrashing Driver

A traffic mishap. An angry driver. Angrier cops. This act of violence is taking a political turn in Delhi.

06/18/2019 5:27 AM
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  • Anirudh L.
    06/18/2019 05:27

    He took a goddam sword out (even used it) on police officers on duty, who were just asking him to pull over after he hit one of the Delhi Police constables and was trying to get away. Had he been in the US or Europe, he’d have received a 9mm in his head. But I guess he can get away by using the 'minority card' and playing the sorry figure.

  • Salim D.
    06/18/2019 05:29

    सरदार को मत डराओं देश को डराने वालों भारत में सरदार ही एक जिन्दा कौम हैं दलित व मुस्लिम नहीं जो तुम्हारे जुल्म का शिकार हो जायेंगे। Salute sardar

  • Nainoor P.
    06/18/2019 05:29

    Wow! Ab is desh mein koi kisi ko shanti se talwar bhi nahi maar sakta

  • Subrata B.
    06/18/2019 05:30

    Bankchor, sardar ki haath mein sword tha. Aur Kuch media ne dikhaya police ek innocent bande ko maar raha hain.

  • Sunaknfak C.
    06/18/2019 05:31

    Police has right to protect itself but after sword was taken they couldn't beat Driver to avenge misbehaviour.

  • Rohan G.
    06/18/2019 05:31

    He is lucky enough that he is not in the U.S. or else cops would have shot him on the spot. Stop bringing the minority card here. What do you expect if someone threatens you? Forget religion and imagine a human being doing the same thing. Not bringing religion here. Pure logic and facts. The so called victim or our Sardarji Sikh brothers here had no right to take out a weapon and threaten someone. No need to ram the vehicle on the cops. I know Sikh community is of warriors and generous donors for causes. But inciting violence is not the right thing to do. Note: not justifying what cops did. Kicking after controlling is a crime

  • Ankan B.
    06/18/2019 05:31

    Pulling out a goddamn sword yet gaining people's sympathy? Happens only in India.

  • Abhishek K.
    06/18/2019 05:31

    Bsdk h maar k police walo ki gand tod do acha moka h 😂 sab sale hm garib bike walo ko presan krte h bekar ka

  • Santosh S.
    06/18/2019 05:32

    Police did a good job. in video we can see driver took his sword first n threaten police. No politics in this matter.

  • Atendra A.
    06/18/2019 05:32

    He deserves beating for pulling a sword on police

  • Prakash P.
    06/18/2019 05:32

    Bechara driver Talwar hi to chala raha tha police pe.......... ek do vaar bhi nahi kha sakti police......thoda khun nikalta yaa jaan hi jati or kya hota???

  • Zuhaub D.
    06/18/2019 05:33

    delhi police have to learn first the police manuals....stand with sikhs😯

  • Apurv B.
    06/18/2019 05:33

    Results... #brut?

  • Omar G.
    06/18/2019 05:33

    Free #khalistan

  • Sayan M.
    06/18/2019 05:34

    They did a good job .

  • Ritika A.
    06/18/2019 05:34

    They just want to make it a communal issue and create nuisance. They are sitting right in front of the police station. They have even beaten the shit out of a senior official.

  • Rakesh S.
    06/18/2019 05:35

    Some people from special community baking their 🍞

  • Kulvinder D.
    06/18/2019 05:35

    Shame on you Delhi Police

  • Mohit C.
    06/18/2019 05:35

    In a sane world driver should be booked for road rage but it's been turned into religious issue by political elements

  • Melo N.
    06/18/2019 05:35

    This kind of cops are called as Goons in Uniform