TN Seshan On How Election Commission Must Behave

In 2019, did the Election Commission live up to the standards set by its most famous chief, TN Seshan, in this 2010 video from

28/05/2019 12:30 PM
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  • Sirajul H.
    11/11/2021 07:48

    What a beauty!

  • Krishankant V.
    11/11/2020 12:21

    Om shanti

  • Ml J.
    14/06/2020 02:20

    True Indian. True beaurocrat

  • Prashant D.
    22/05/2020 05:33

    He brought credibility to Election Commission

  • Surya R.
    03/05/2020 07:56

    this man is pure gold. ... Unfortunately this man is no more.... But one day I hope we will meet a similar man and get to know the facts and realities... That may astonish us and may help us learn new things

  • Ranbir B.
    06/02/2020 19:49

    The man who reformed election commission and gave it the authority it deserved. Unfortunately all undone.

  • Sujith '.
    05/01/2020 20:40

    What an amazing man. Thankyou for keeping Indian a democracy. Wish you where the EC now.

  • Bagya L.
    14/12/2019 23:51

    Great loss to the nation RIP sir salutes

  • Gopinath N.
    10/12/2019 06:23

    I can't agree with Rajesh Singh more.

  • Vijayendra P.
    08/12/2019 17:02

    Such persons are there from the day of independence Congress ruined very long back.

  • Bahu V.
    05/12/2019 17:50


  • Damera D.
    04/12/2019 14:12


  • Annie N.
    01/12/2019 09:37

    What a man!!

  • Krishna S.
    30/11/2019 06:39

    A great person.. who reformed this holy office of election per constitutional norms.. ..he fully deserved to be the president of India and a befitting . Bharat Ratna ,- he is a legend..and shall be remembered as a History.. very unfortunate..

  • Vasudevan
    29/11/2019 11:49

    Independent Election Commissioner. Hats of to him

  • Isac S.
    28/11/2019 14:55

    He who changed the system

  • Shane M.
    26/11/2019 09:49

    You Sir, have my respect! 🙏🏻

  • Dattatraya D.
    25/11/2019 06:50

    Inspiration to all of us

  • Paul C.
    25/11/2019 01:55

    Dr.T.N.Sheshan is a Genius, Very Honest and Straight forward. In one instance, he even quoted that all he needs a bowl of RICE, Curd and Mango Pickles for his survival. Really a Man of Profound Integrity.

  • Pranab B.
    24/11/2019 20:26


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