Trans Activist Killed in Coimbatore

Trans activist Sangeetha successfully ran a restaurant in Coimbatore despite the Covid lockdown. On Wednesday, Sangeetha was found dead in her apartment in a gruesome act of violence.

24/10/2020 2:57 PM
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  • Khaleel A.
    30/10/2020 17:59

    Curel world

  • Yaz K.
    30/10/2020 08:52

    Her beef currys was the best. 🐄🥩

  • Jogi K.
    30/10/2020 04:13

    Very sad 😭 and depressing news. She was so good , humble and kind.How could anyone murder this amazing lady. l hope the culprit is caught and punished &the motive of this gruesome should be investigated and given JUSTICE 🙏 to her and her community ! So sad 😭 and tough to bear this loss, Gov must apprehend the murderer's . They must get Justice Immediately... My deepest condolences n may her soul rest in peace 🙏😭

  • Urmi M.
    30/10/2020 02:52

    🙏 god will give great next birth

  • Piyush T.
    29/10/2020 13:22

    100 % literacy , 😏 😹 salute

  • Untoward T.
    29/10/2020 12:25

    India has a long way to go..

  • Ananya K.
    29/10/2020 08:44

    There is so much hate in the world right now😔 I sense desperation, jealousy and a complete disregard to a fellow human's well-being, choice & ideology. May she rest in peace🙏🏼 I hope the murderer is caught and receives apt punishment.

  • Samira F.
    29/10/2020 07:49

    God bless them

  • Harini N.
    29/10/2020 07:03

    These people should get the recognition they deserve. Really sad the society doesn't allow them to make a decent living.

  • Percy P.
    28/10/2020 14:45

    Sad to see an enterprising person paid the price for someone's greed

  • प्रा क.
    28/10/2020 07:02

    My request to trans gender ppl .....dnt stop keep walking... first you are human than other things ..... Even you have a right to live a life of dignity ... Continue sangeetaakkas dream

  • RJ R.
    28/10/2020 06:10

    So sad 😞

  • Tola Y.
    27/10/2020 16:15

    Every human being has da right to live n let live hw could anyone do dis...if you kill an innocent human being you have killed the whole human kind

  • Venitri R.
    27/10/2020 14:14

    Why why why? 🥺🥺 This is how we are progressing!!!

  • Seema S.
    27/10/2020 13:08

    Salute 🙏

  • Angeline G.
    27/10/2020 12:38

    Its a sad reality that has harmed a transgender community thru this heinous crime I hope the culprit is brought to justice. The show must go on n i hope they continue with this good work. May they reap much sucess in their business. up!⚘

  • Asmi R.
    27/10/2020 09:00

    Hope they catch the bastard, everyone has a place in this world no matter who or what they are, such a sad news, may she get justice

  • Paremiswary S.
    27/10/2020 01:25

    These people are also the creation of the Almighty , the other humans to learn how to respect and help them in their lives

  • Neha A.
    26/10/2020 18:04

    This shouldn't be done with the helping hands, whether it may be a male- female or a trans.🙏🙏🙏

  • Rukmini V.
    26/10/2020 15:16


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