Tribal Villagers Build Road After Government Fails Them

Sick of waiting for a single motorable road for decades, these tribal villagers built one themselves. And even Sonu Sood was impressed. Find out why...

02/09/2020 5:57 PM
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  • Vijay L.
    24/03/2021 08:45

    Very good sir

  • Stanzin G.
    02/03/2021 18:57

    U r a bing human sir

  • Felicitas R.
    14/02/2021 14:14

    Together we can do lots of work, must stand united n do good works in our village's, Useless Ministers must bang them when the come to ask for vote. As ppl from Assam did when they came to ask vote.

  • Ogechi N.
    14/02/2021 13:55

    Congratulations , In Nigeria ,we construct our roads on our own,.The government are completely useless.

  • Srinivas C.
    12/02/2021 18:09


  • Sunny A.
    12/02/2021 05:28

    atmnirbhar Bharat.

  • Bankapuri V.
    11/02/2021 13:59

    Great sir

  • Vivien K.
    11/02/2021 09:55

    Shame on BJP

  • Mohsinali S.
    11/02/2021 09:31

    Shame on the elected leaders People have to do themselves

  • Vin B.
    11/02/2021 08:19

    Phir next election mein aise nakare nikkamoon vote mat do apne gaun "village se ek imandar aadmi ka cunao karo aur use leader bano jab khud hi road bannani hai to tax kyun do aur aise nikammon ko vote kyun do har talluk har zille mein aache aadmiyoon ka cunao karo aur us ko support karo jo kaam kar sakta hai na k us ko jo desh bechde abhi bhi waqt hai jaag jao dekho desh kis taraf jaraha hai

  • Ramadevi I.
    11/02/2021 07:26

    His life is so inspiring to all of us.He stood for good and gave timely help to needy across country .He is true Nationalist.

  • Aisha K.
    11/02/2021 05:27

    Hi sonu.i am a housewife. I want to support my husband as hes facing salary deduction due to covid.will you please help me set up some that I can support my family during crisis.

  • Noel T.
    10/02/2021 18:49

    If it was the government who had done it, then it would have taken 21years and the same would have come out in 21days😂

  • Sudhir S.
    09/02/2021 22:08

    He has done more work then central government for helping poor people.

  • Sherley K.
    09/02/2021 21:29


  • Anita R.
    09/02/2021 05:14

    Salute u sir

  • Dev M.
    09/02/2021 04:01

    Really amazing,Here after don't vote to leader who doesn't work for you, just select your own leader and elect him and complete all your village work.

  • Sunita C.
    09/02/2021 03:54

    तू इस सदी का महा नायक है। बाकी सारे बाजीगर हैं।

  • Ranga S.
    08/02/2021 11:54

    🙏🙏🙏 nachike agabeku leader's GE

  • Ishaqzaadee
    08/02/2021 06:18 please see the vlog and like the video please, do not forget to subscribe

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