UAE Vs India: Repercussions Of Anti-Muslim Posts

Several Indians lost their jobs in the UAE and Canada for "Islamophobic" social media posts. Can you imagine this happening in India?

05/14/2020 12:57 PMupdated: 05/15/2020 1:18 PM
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  • Pankaj S.
    3 days

    But u know the truth is those people instigate indians to put derogatory remarks by commenting on other religion... Then game a screen short of only one portion n post... If u chk out thr comments m sure u will die of shame.... Shameless people... No one more then. Them r afraid of other religion

  • Mohammad A.
    07/29/2020 03:23

    Jo b karlo saalo ganta ukhad paavgay..

  • Kumar N.
    07/22/2020 23:17

    Good to see so many india haters here , it means we r doing a good job 😂.

  • Bhargav T.
    07/21/2020 16:37

    You are really a liar brut , changing mindset of Indians, just because of that Jamad our country is in this position , community spread started because of that terrorists , you are trying to divide nation into two religion, no jobs are gone because of that. You are real channel of Congress or other opposition party you are a sold puppet , you all pulling 5 years old matter to compress the ruling govt , I thought brut was neutral but it's not. Just because of that Jamad lakhs of jobs are lost due to fall of economy what about that just you are telling about Canada and UAE You are sold puppet

  • RF S.
    07/21/2020 12:59

    Bharatiya ke aise kam-akal waale musalman hote hi M.C.xx category hai.

  • Prasanjeet C.
    07/15/2020 21:46

    Kindly change your name to what it truly is - Brut Pakistan

  • Muzzammil K.
    07/14/2020 12:58

    Twitter account cancel is Too less for these kinda hypocrites their heads shld b chopped apart for spreading communal hate . But u knw government is run by the fascist government

  • Omkar G.
    07/13/2020 10:44

    Brut can suck my dick too .... U guys don't know nothing about the ground reality of a place and pass judgement for money.....fuck u

  • Marina A.
    07/13/2020 06:19

    A person only use religion as weapon when he/she/3rd gender is a failure in life/having personal & professional problems. So basically he/she blows that steam somewhere else. Man clings to god more during that time. So it’s quite silly to argue with such people regardless of religion. I believe Man is evil not religion with the exception of satanic church who worships the fallen angel lucifer. So I despise fanatics regardless of religion. All the extremists will not be loved by sane human. Sanity and stability is important. Taking life is an original sin. Taking about taking life under assumption is stupid/dumb/retard CD

  • Neha C.
    07/12/2020 18:46

    Every coin has two sides , however brut is biased everyone knows this.

  • Reshab S.
    07/10/2020 04:48

    No one lose job in canada sala kuch vi

  • Shahid H.
    07/09/2020 18:43

    Don't show real face of BJP..... otherwise "GO TO PAKISTAN"......

  • Hemchander S.
    07/07/2020 19:14

    Please throw some light how 20 % of Hindu population in Pakistan is now reduced just to 3%.

  • Hemchander S.
    07/07/2020 19:12

    Why don't u write article on Mewat where complete Hindu population was forced to leave their villages in almost 120 villages out of 180.

  • Izhar U.
    07/07/2020 06:34

    there is no one praised person in the video all are the rubbish, so no effect

  • Anish K.
    07/01/2020 18:49

    Muslims spread more fake news

  • Mujtaba C.
    07/01/2020 02:10

    Every action has some consequences!

  • Roshan T.
    06/29/2020 08:28

    Please show this brut idiots some of the zKir naik videos And paki people shouting gazva hind.. Wake up butt hurt brut

  • Dibakar G.
    06/29/2020 06:15

    Modi gov invited those Tablighi jammat in Delhi. They never can escape from that responsibility and stop blaming others for own failure. Our saffron gov is good at dividing own ppl, discrimination.

  • Rajat B.
    06/26/2020 03:16

    Somehow Brut only sees comments made on these people but ignores vitriolic preachers like Zakir Naik. Quite a Leftist Double Standard