Uddhav Burns Detractors With Dussehra Speech

"I dare you to topple my government... if you try to mess with the tiger, it will attack." Uddhav Thackeray's Dussehra speech was peppered with combative one-liners.

27/10/2020 4:57 PM
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  • Ram Y.
    20/01/2021 11:40

    He is the Gunda of Shiv Sena looting MAHARASTRA. Will be soon kicked out.

  • Rajesh K.
    12/01/2021 09:10

    Asali Tigers son sriman Udhavsaheb

  • Rajesh K.
    12/01/2021 09:09

    Jai Udhavsaheb

  • Mahendra S.
    06/01/2021 13:36

    Lol watch before posting.

  • Akbar K.
    02/01/2021 21:33

    Ek number

  • Shreyas G.
    30/12/2020 04:50

    Government Or thekedae

  • Rohit G.
    30/12/2020 01:14

    These guys cause all the problems religious extremists and gangsters that corrupt people to fight each other.

  • Raj K.
    29/12/2020 19:43

    Chutiya cha

  • Parin P.
    28/12/2020 09:22

    He is nothing more tha piece of shit 💩💩💩

  • Satish N.
    27/12/2020 19:31

    Talk about growth of city n not just telling making angry for other political party

  • Achyuta M.
    26/12/2020 05:06

    tum kuchu bhi nahi....

  • Gaurav K.
    19/12/2020 08:25

    I support Thakare Sarkar!☝️

  • Siddhesh L.
    19/12/2020 01:24

    😂kuch yaad h

  • Meghna D.
    17/12/2020 19:40

    Cheaters backstabber first they win elections with bjp and then backstab

  • Bibhu P.
    16/12/2020 11:24

    What is he talking about hindutva?. Banging plates and lighting lights was a gesture of appreciation....why is he dragging this as a criterion for hindutva.. talk sense and be a true leader for public With generosity not hooliganism

  • Ishit V.
    16/12/2020 07:32

    Words like Tiger doesn't suit when it comes from mouth of a pussy cat.

  • Vishal S.
    11/12/2020 07:07

    Worst CM ever. Miss Balasaheb Thackeray ji

  • Manav K.
    10/12/2020 17:33

    From when did appreciating health workers become hindutva. What is he talking???

  • Mukul S.
    05/12/2020 20:38

    Feking druggy killer son n his gang...

  • Santosh J.
    05/12/2020 13:17

    Superb UT

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