Ukraine envoy invokes Mahabharata to seek Modi's help

“Just remember Mahabharata…” As his country faced Russian invasion, Ukraine's envoy to India sought Modi's help...

25/02/2022 3:14 PM
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  • Muhammad A.
    08/03/2022 07:24

    India itself has escalated war in Kashmir.. How India can say anything against war 🤣

  • Michael K.
    05/03/2022 05:43

    Ukraine never helped India in any case so far.

  • Kalpesh P.
    04/03/2022 15:29

    Modi haters burnt to ashes while listening to what this man said about Modi. Ukraine is in critical situation we feel that the war should be stopped but we can't go against Russia as Russians have been a great help to us during 1971 war

  • Jerry L.
    04/03/2022 15:03

    Modi is not a good PM he is the worst PM

  • Elisheva R.
    04/03/2022 14:03

    You should ask the Pop to get involved and put some sence to Mr Putin and the people of Russia 🇷🇺

  • Mari P.
    04/03/2022 13:23

    India's aggressive neighbour is Pakistan and America was helping Pakistan to grow and attack India. aggressive second country is China and very close with Russia. For Ukraine if any country is friendly with Russia then they are enemy with Ukraine! In 2021 Azarbayjan attack in Artsakh ! Turkish government collected all terrorist from Pakistan and Syria to help azeris. And Turkish terrorist with azeris star to shoot and damage all Armenian schools and temples and hospitals they use cluster bombs , with drones damage everything . Ukrainian president Zelensky was so happy to see the result how children and ladies and old people died because of this terrorist action so he also start buying drones from Turkey to attack Russia. And Zielinski told he is very satisfied with the result see in Artsakh so he have a contract to buy the drones. My point is life is boomerang what you wish for others will come to your country and you can't force India to come in your war which you created and with is your problem that is not India job India how to protect his country no connection with you country . I am sure Ukraine will never support India because as he told "if any country is friendly with Russia then they are my enemy„ In first war so many Indian soldiers British people took for fight from their army and no one came home nowhere is mentioned how many lasts. America ,Europe ,Asia trying to use India for their own business.

  • Sheer L.
    04/03/2022 12:46

    The president of Ukraine must eat is pride in order for a peaceful and better world. May God Guide them. 🙏

  • Baz G.
    04/03/2022 12:31

    Modi is Wrong Number

  • Sejuti C.
    04/03/2022 12:06

    Abstain yourself from enlisting at NATO .Everything will be alright.

  • Rashmi M.
    04/03/2022 11:35

    A hi meri modi G ...we love you something to them ...plz ಸಾರ್

  • Manohar T.
    04/03/2022 08:42


  • Salendra S.
    04/03/2022 08:33

    Don't it's a trap

  • Aaron T.
    04/03/2022 08:06

    Pleads from the bottom of his heart. C'mon PM raise your voice to de-escalate the war. The whole world will acknowledge that we are a peaceful country. Lord's Jesus said, "Blessed are the peace maker, for they shall be called the children of God".

  • Alshifa K.
    04/03/2022 07:49

    Modi will not save you He couldn't save our Soldiers died in pulwama Pray to God.

  • Jhun G.
    04/03/2022 06:20

    This man seems made major mistakes in his country.

  • Ringchi A.
    04/03/2022 05:15

    On the spot..!

  • Sheila W.
    04/03/2022 04:40

    Hopeful! How colored people were treated in your country?

  • Debdutt B.
    04/03/2022 04:05

    This is very sad but Putin listens to no one! What can India do?

  • Aditya P.
    04/03/2022 03:27

    It really looks like Mahabharata for india. In Mahabharata arjun was against his family members and teachers to protect dharma. And here india too have good relations with Russia. And going agaisnt this friendship might bring loss to india. But one should follow dharma.

  • Mohammad F.
    03/03/2022 19:27

    They thought indians are fools

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