Unnao woman pleads for justice after father's death in custody

This woman from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, accused a BJP lawmaker of raping her in 2017. Now her father has died in police custody.

04/15/2018 11:00 AM
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  • Zara S.
    05/03/2018 16:47


  • Vidya V.
    04/19/2018 20:25

    😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢sister its really hurting me bad what to do our indian goverment mind is completely lost in to dirty rivers but we the public are their for your strength please you be bold don't lose hope sister 😣

  • Sameer K.
    04/16/2018 12:08

    Haraami people these culprits should be sentenced to death

  • Muhammad I.
    04/16/2018 10:22

    Obey garrett Hindu na Musalman ke upar walk karne walon other maradu Pakistani border par Tumhara kya bolna Tumko Bhool Na Jana

  • Jibon B.
    04/16/2018 04:13

    Even congress ministers were being accused for rape. Tab congress congress ka nara lagane wala koi nahi tha kya? Tu log insaaf nahi mang rahe hi Asifa ke liye, tu log toh bas politics kar rahe ho

  • Rather A.
    04/15/2018 15:02

    Insaaf Karo

  • Passang D.
    04/15/2018 14:25

    I Can’t believe such an unethical behavior practice is still happening in India in today’s world. Very sad & I hope the victims & her family gets the justice from this biggest democratic country.

  • Golu S.
    04/15/2018 13:10

    ऐसे विधायक को तो कड़ी से कड़ी सजा देना चाहिए

  • Md S.
    04/15/2018 12:17

    Shame govt

  • Aravind G.
    04/15/2018 12:04

    Bjp govt just like british if british people killed any one no justice but indian just hits british he will be hanged

  • Joe I.
    04/15/2018 10:21

    Hindutva monster Rape case: eight-year-old in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua and the gangrape of another minor girl rape case in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao grew across the country. Daughters of the country were not safe under the BJP rule. It is very shame for our Nation. Now foreign tourist also afraid to visit India. Accused BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar for Unnao girl rape case, last 10 days he was free roaming around UP. Where is Law & order in UP. This means daughters not sa Again I appeal to our peoples, please don't do this type of violence in the name RELIGION or CASTE (CASTE CREATED BY MAN NOT GOD). God created only male and female not any caste. We are all Indians and we must united each other. we always think about our national economy growth in all sectors like agriculture, Domestic and Industries. DO NOT FIGHT EACH OTHER, LOVE EACH OTHER. See China & Japan are very fast growing in their technology, because China & Japan governments and their peoples not give any importance to religion or caste. They are concentrate with their works or jobs. Hence, All religion teach us "LOVE & RESPECT EACH OTHER" SO PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY VIOLENCE IN OUR COUNTRY. LIVE TOGETHER IN PEACE AND HARMONY AND GIVE IMPORTANCE TO OUR NATIONAL GROWTH. IF WE FOLLOW ABOVE MENTIONED POINTS, ONE DAY WE WILL ACHIEVE MORE THAN CHINA, AMERICA AND JAPAN TECHNOLOGIES AND OUR DREAM WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN " MADE IN INDIA AND MAKE IN INDIA". IF YOU FOLLOW HINDVATA IN OUR COUNTRY, WE NEVER SUCCEED IN OUR LIFE. SO DO NOT PLAY WITH PEOPLES IN THE NAME OF RELIGION. FINALLY WE WANT JUSTICE FOR TEENAGE BRUTAL RAPE AND ALSO JUSTICE FOR GIRL'S FAMILY AND CBI PROBE. DO NOT INVOLVE ANY POLITICIANS IN THIS CASE. COURT WILL DECIDE INDEPENDENTLY. OUR COUNTRY IS DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY, SO OUR INDIAN GOVERNMENT DO NOT INVOLVE IN OUR 3 PILLARS OF THE DEMOCRACY LIKE JUDICIARY (One who upholds the law), LEGISLATURE (One who enacts the law), EXECUTIVE (One who implements the law). I REQUEST TO ALL THE MEDIA IN INDIA SHOULD BE NEUTRAL. CULPRITS SHOULD BE PUNISHED JAI HINDUSTAN

  • Ajay M.
    04/15/2018 05:38

    Kaha hai ye sale ye bjp mother chod

  • Neha J.
    04/15/2018 05:17


  • Amit G.
    04/15/2018 03:55

    पुलिस ओर इस विधायक को तुरंत कड़ी सजा देना चाहिए

  • Virender S.
    04/14/2018 17:04

    O no

  • Kaliaperumal K.
    04/14/2018 16:06

    I strongly condemn the incident.

  • Saleem B.
    04/14/2018 13:12

    Yai kya ho raha hai desh mai mandir mai bhagwaan b sharminda hai insaan to insaan gav matta b pareshan

  • Shubham B.
    04/14/2018 13:07

    I think we must separate Uttar Pradesh from our country India. Dumb and cheap people. Spoiling identity of indians

  • Tenzin P.
    04/14/2018 12:22

    If movement came up strong in India, I feel like whole Indian women will have a story of being sexually abused

  • Joseph X.
    04/14/2018 12:12

    fuck india