UP Cop Implores Bystanders To Help

Don't just stand there, do something. After a grizzly incident, a Meerut policeman humbly asks that we help injured victims, instead of filming their pain.

19/08/2020 5:25 AM
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  • BoyetteSantillan P.
    31/08/2020 15:20

    the life you saved , may be your own . .

  • Ayush S.
    22/08/2020 19:44

    Nice message..I was not aware of such SC ruling..but if that's the case then bollywood fraternity should immediately take a note of this and never portray scenes where people are scared of assisting the wounded thinking of police complaint. Indeed should try to show some facts where audience becomes aware of such SC facts.. Thanks for such great info😀

  • Chandra H.
    20/08/2020 14:33


  • Hawwa S.
    19/08/2020 20:23

    Sum what police woke up 🙃

  • Snigdha S.
    19/08/2020 16:53

    Nobody helps!! No matter what..! Period! People are fucked up!

  • Azhar N.
    19/08/2020 14:25

    The person doing help to the injured is protected from legal bindings by good samaritan law mandated by supreme court. However a handful of states only have implemented it. The old law is still in place in most places. Basically, if u help... be ready to face police!

  • Akariti S.
    19/08/2020 11:30

    Ppl are so fucked up seriously 😒

  • Anant N.
    19/08/2020 06:53

    I once bought a dead guy to the hospital thinking he might have chance. Was very scared that things might turn ugly for me. But police was very cooperative. So be a good samaritan. Who knows someday you might need the help .

  • Fauzia H.
    19/08/2020 06:49

    Aise samdjane ki kya zaroorat aise loggo ko..Moo haath toro phir samadj mein ayega..

  • Anuja D.
    19/08/2020 06:42

    Yes it shoud be needed to done

  • Brut India
    19/08/2020 06:30

    Here's what happened in Meerut:

  • Manish K.
    19/08/2020 06:15

    This isnt true, police harras karti hai,maarti bhi hai aur hamesa pese chaiye rehte hai... Isliye dar se koi help nahi karta... Yehi reality hai 😭

  • Rubina P.
    19/08/2020 06:05

    It's so sad to c that someone has to tell this basic virtue of humanity to today's human beings.

  • Sahil B.
    19/08/2020 05:46

    60% of people who die in road accidents can be rescued if brought to ICU in 30 minutes. Most of the people die due to continuous bleeding.

  • Agha B.
    19/08/2020 05:36

    Great Point

  • Subia S.
    19/08/2020 05:32

    The issue is that someone is having to plea this. People have lost their sense of understanding in the most basic things.