US President Donald Trump Imitates Indian Accents

US President Donald Trump mimics Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's accent... (And this isn't the first time he's imitated an Indian accent.)

03/25/2018 10:00 AM
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  • Leslie N.
    03/25/2020 13:18

    He wasn't rude.

  • Ikrash S.
    04/03/2018 11:23


  • Hardeep S.
    04/02/2018 12:34

    At what point does he exactly imitate the accent?

  • Mara M.
    04/01/2018 12:01

    , this is how people sell themselves!

  • Dev K.
    03/30/2018 17:46

    You hang up when Indian representatives answer to help means you don't need assistance from an indian... You built trump towers in our metro cities to sell your flats to Indians...Huh... Irony - it's a wake up call, make sure we answer. - Jai Hind

  • Nikhil S.
    03/30/2018 17:11

    Father of entire Ummah 😂

  • Aby J.
    03/30/2018 03:28

    Send him a ton of cow dung !! One of our misters commented that we can produce plutonium from cow dung !! America would love to see that !!

  • Aakriti P.
    03/29/2018 19:14

    Americans would be lost without "the hindus".

  • Samodh M.
    03/29/2018 12:41

    POTUS Denys any relationship with Feku... And will sue for breach of nondisclosure agreement

  • Nadeem S.
    03/29/2018 10:53

    Modi and Trump making hay while the sun shines.. but this is not going to last long.

  • Rohit G.
    03/29/2018 03:31

    Anyone thinking that the accent in which Trump's mimicing Minister Modi sounds better this his own accent (although it's nowhere near the Indian accent)

  • Jesse S.
    03/29/2018 00:09

    Prejudice Trumpf.

  • Sonny S.
    03/28/2018 23:34

    Trump dad is smarter than him and he's a orangutan 👏😀

  • Trump T.
    03/28/2018 22:06

    ★W W W . T R U M P T S H I R T Z . C O M★

  • Trump T.
    03/28/2018 22:06

    ★W W W . T R U M P T S H I R T Z . C O M★

  • Jerome B.
    03/28/2018 20:24

    D trash the day is going to come when all you nastiness will have you thinking about a wall that will be all around you you,are a traitor and rascist bastard you are the worst thing this country needs. Now you can go in front a camera and tell the country you are sorry for being a traitor. Then when you are convicted you can volunteer for death sentence allong with other traitors. No one will shed a tear This country will be ok when you are dealt with are allies know we got traitor for person in whitehouse. They know this is not usa. They know this you should have never got there. But you know they are with country not you don't forget it. If you really care a little about this country you would handcuff yourself ask the guards to not take you to jail but prison. You will be found out you wasteing time. Our patience in this country for you and white house staff is thin. You talk about John mccain you are not worthy of talking about noone. In the end you will be sorry you did this to our country but you had enough rascist bastards just like you you opened this country's eyes how rascist this country. All of you fake evangelist routing for you

  • Rahul Z.
    03/28/2018 16:09

    Ha..m Jana hai sala

  • Reshu R.
    03/28/2018 14:43

    Stupid US president. You are no match to Narendra Modi

  • Ankit S.
    03/28/2018 12:46

    Bcoz u charge too high for that job for ur company to they give it to us, earn huge profit and pay u d taxes from which u run all welfare schemes...So u want sinking companies or more jobs as again sinking companies could nt provide in long run and wld further result in sinking economy...So Mr. Trump, u cnt help it.

  • Trump T.
    03/28/2018 11:17

    ★ T R U M P T S H I R T Z . C O M ★