Valentine’s Day: The Haters In India and Pakistan

Why do some people in both India and Pakistan hate Valentine’s Day? 🤔 💔

02/14/2019 6:28 AM
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  • Vivek S.
    02/14/2019 06:30

    Prameet Sharma

  • Ğůđdi D.
    02/14/2019 06:32

    Those are the ones who do not know the meaning of LOVE... Valentine's Day can be celebrated with our families is not just for romance or lovers

  • Anuja S.
    02/14/2019 06:32

    Idiocy at its level 😂😂😂😂

  • Rameesha A.
    02/14/2019 06:33

    uni mashoor ho gai 😂

  • Ranbir B.
    02/14/2019 06:33

    The last clip shows Madhubala. And today is her birthday too. Quite a coincidence.

  • Sam M.
    02/14/2019 06:34

    So that they can beat their ex partners along with the Bajrang Dal.

  • Anuj M.
    02/14/2019 06:34

    ending was epic😂

  • Kerry F.
    02/14/2019 06:35

    Things that make you go hmmm?

  • Kumar S.
    02/14/2019 06:36

    Can you please send me

  • Marceline J.
    02/14/2019 06:40

    Love is a life

  • Ar K.
    02/14/2019 06:41

    Divided by Kashmir. United by Anti-Valentine's sentiment.

  • Shashank T.
    02/14/2019 06:41


  • Jacob I.
    02/14/2019 06:50

    hhha indianss...

  • Alóksìngh D.
    02/14/2019 06:53

    Technically they are the singles who are frustrated and can’t see others happy

  • Avishek T.
    02/14/2019 06:58

    Divided by kashmir United by frustration of being single 😛😛

  • Saurav S.
    02/14/2019 07:00

    I dont know what is the problem of this #BAJRANG_DAL people the word #BAJRANG is for #LORD_HANUMAN who himself his whole life tried to make two lovers #LORD_RAM&#GODDESS_SITA meet and live together as a #CUPID the famous incident when hanuman flies over seas and go tho sri lanka and finds DEVI SITA but their so called followers #BAJRANG_DAL are seperating two lovers that also #voilently....i am sorry #lord_maruti your followers are #murkhati...

  • Neelu A.
    02/14/2019 07:05

    Love is not a crime ,,,it is natural feeling ,,, without love ,,there is nothing in all over the world ,,y people protest for a love couple

  • Ađít Y.
    02/14/2019 07:10

    People even hate god... Doesnt mean we give a f*ck about them🙄

  • Ashish K.
    02/14/2019 07:13

    Indie- paki Bhai bhaii ..hence proved

  • Ravi K.
    02/14/2019 07:18

    Shit people got only Bullshit thought's