We're Not Able To Hold Our Head High Anymore: Tharoor

“There’s nothing positive anymore about our image in the world.” Shashi Tharoor laments the United Nations rights body challenging the CAA in the Supreme Court.

07/03/2020 12:57 PM
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  • Dilip S.
    10/07/2020 03:42

    India is already bursting at the seams with its own 1'3 billion population and more people will be the last straw on the back of the camel.And being a hindu majority country India bears a special responsibility toward Hindu refugees, there is no other country in the world which will be willing to take in persecuted Hindus.If Moslems in India find themselves isolated they have themselves to blame for it.again, the grip of religion is extremely strong on them so that religion is foremost and the country they live in takes the backseat.Hinduism, in fact, all eastern religions are the most tolerant of all religions in the world and it's not for nothing that the Moslems are eyed with suspicion in every country in the world, Sashi Tharoor's magnanimous attitude doesn't cut ice and he is backing the wrong horse.Flow of flowery words is no sign of wisdom and indians are shrewd enough to know how to separate sheep from goats.It is sometimes said that only ten percent of the Moslems are bad and the rest are all good, however,ten percent of the Moslem population is a huge number considering the followers of Islam is next to Christianity and can and are causing havoc in the world.Many Moslems might be good but Islam is evil. I totally disagree with Mr Tharoor.

  • Dilipsen T.
    27/06/2020 09:20


  • Shridhar L.
    24/05/2020 02:34

    What Hindus should do,when they expelled from Muslim countries?We are uniting because we don’t want to convert to Muslim/ Christian.

  • Shridhar L.
    24/05/2020 02:08

    Shame and Shame to you Shshi Taroor

  • Chandrashekar K.
    11/05/2020 12:27

    If Sashi Tarur is a good proud Indian he must be reminded of what all we Indians have suffered since many years and how many people were converted forcibly. What all they did is not to be ignored or not to be counted or considered is the points of views of our ex UN diplomat. His views are completely different from the reality. He may be good in arguing in his own ways as well as his stylish English appreciated by some of his fans but the true facts never die

  • Rajeswari V.
    19/04/2020 16:07

    Yes. Our countrys image was last due to Congress corruption for last sixty yrs. Now only throughout world people see our country is great. Due to Modiji effort we are going ahead.

  • Rahul R.
    16/04/2020 09:33

    Says a man who kill d his own wife

  • हिन्दू अ.
    10/04/2020 03:04

    लौंडियाबाज है ये थरूर ।

  • M D.
    05/04/2020 16:30

    He is a female bugger

  • Sanjay K.
    05/04/2020 13:47

    Plot against Hindus Secularism was the biggest fraud against Hindus. Secularism was introduced as a weapon against Hindus so that they can dilute our faith in our Gods, is our religion, our temples our culture, and our way of life and once we start hating ourself that is when they would attack with Jihadi and missionaries. See this news bite from Wion, it shows how the Western world hates India and especially the Hindus. India and Hindus are being attacked from all directions, Muslims with Jihad and western countries with fund rich Missionaries and their media. These communities hate us because we refuse to convert to their religion, it pains them immensely to see one patch of land holding on to its cultural and religious believes even after 800 hundred years of jihad and 300 years of western loot and oppression. DONT LET THESE DEVILS SUCCEED, be a very PROUD HINDU and teach your children to be the same. HINDUTVA is the soul and identity of this nation not secularism.

  • Raisa R.
    03/04/2020 22:19

    dekhecho ki bhabe explain korlo...parbi..boli parbi ki?

  • Dev B.
    01/04/2020 21:06

    Then take more refugees from Bangladesh.

  • Krishan B.
    30/03/2020 09:23

    Pagal hai

  • Atul G.
    30/03/2020 08:03

    India should be free from people like you!

  • Rashid M.
    30/03/2020 08:00

    Ise gar ko agg leggey gar k chrag sey

  • Dibyasingh P.
    30/03/2020 06:27

    Au English gyan chod na ... Jadi chodibu ja sonia ku chod

  • Md A.
    30/03/2020 06:20

    Very good job sir

  • Bhawani R.
    30/03/2020 05:42

    Don’t give us knowledge chomu. Tell us, how did u kill sunanda puskar for Pakistani agent

  • Santosh S.
    30/03/2020 05:39

    Stop rubbish.have you been to pak.afganistan

  • Anuj S.
    30/03/2020 03:13

    Why the fuck then UN did not come up on the surface when Kashmiri Pundits were killed! Why the hell UN was grabbing titties when lakhs of people were killed almost all Hindus in Ayodhya when Babri was demolished? Where was UN when Sikhs were killed in Afghanistan? Why the hell was UN sleeping when Hindus in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh were tactfully either converted, rapped or killed? For Hindus there is no land, no country of their own, no human rights, no laws, no government and No FUCKING UN!!! But remember we have our eyes open. We will not resort to any kind of violence but will not give any damn or Heath to your shitty opinions.

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