What Ails Boeing’s 737 Max?

It used to be Boeing’s best selling plane. But it’s been banned by nearly every country now. Meet the 737 Max. ✈️🚫

15/03/2019 4:07 AM
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  • Sarga D.
    10/04/2019 18:22

    take care bem2

  • Jaidul I.
    25/03/2019 04:14

    very nice thank you

  • Mantesh K.
    22/03/2019 05:58

    ex xxxxx

  • Harvinder S.
    22/03/2019 04:36

    So sad all

  • Zsolt M.
    19/03/2019 20:43

    In my opinion Boeing company is really moore flying with Boeing 737 max...this is fault construction, almost fault program.R.I.P. for 347 victimes 😪

  • Brut India
    19/03/2019 13:19

    One journalist has found that US aviation regulators essentially let Boeing do its own safety assessments:

  • Stefan C.
    19/03/2019 03:10

    It's not the pilots or the "abnormal circumstances" but the poor redesigning of the aircraft in the race for making money.

  • Shubham P.
    18/03/2019 19:57

    Autopilot > Pilot = Ez crash

  • Jitesh K.
    18/03/2019 09:01

    after 1 crash of Boeing 737 india has stopped using it then what abt migs why not stop using them too???

  • Sanjeev B.
    17/03/2019 16:54

    Don’t know the real issue. We only see what these companies want us to see.

  • Tashad A.
    17/03/2019 04:33

    FFS GB

  • Manpreet K.
    16/03/2019 03:40

    boeing 737 😕

  • Mark R.
    15/03/2019 19:42

    this will cost boeing

  • Rani P.
    15/03/2019 18:44

    Half baked information.. increased automation resulting in human efficiency isn't the only simplified cause.. These automated planes and their sensors of level and balance "hinder" human intervention to save the situation... Many of recent crashes have been due to this reason. And that is clearly a design issue of these aircrafts rather than human pilots lacking skill.

  • Disc J.
    15/03/2019 15:54

    It's the responsibility of the pilot to test the automation system thoroughly

  • Susan D.
    15/03/2019 15:45

    Sometimes an airplane should be grounded and investigated. Boeing isn't far from where I live, and it's surprising that it took so long for the investigation and precautions to happen. It should have immediate.

  • Jaswanth S.
    15/03/2019 15:14

    A setback for increased automation and artificial intelligence! 🧐

  • Kiran M.
    15/03/2019 15:03

    737 Max would have undergone extensive testing before using. Innocent lives lost! Shame on

  • Sushil K.
    15/03/2019 12:40

    Praveen look at the reason they stated in end.

  • Manish J.
    15/03/2019 12:04

    It's not the fault of aircraft but the amount of flights increasing day by day ! Boeing are making the same aircrafts as 100yrs before more advanced though .it's the misuse that is the root cause of mishaps