• KingAmi E.
    09/09/2019 07:56

    Fine to aise le rha h jaise Europe k road me chalwa rha gari

  • Manash R.
    31/08/2019 07:36

    It's too easy to increase penalty rates.... But First make proper roads Then Suspend all corrupted police servants. Automatically accidents will reduce.

  • Kannan M.
    30/08/2019 18:22

    If u ask anything about road conditions then u may stabbed with Anti Indian role..

  • Md A.
    30/08/2019 18:11

    Indian govt should penalize the construction company as well for the shitty roads which doesnt even last for 6 months .

  • Kiran P.
    30/08/2019 04:31

    First put good Road

  • Khelkham M.
    30/08/2019 04:28

    Government doesn't have money ... Please help ....

  • Siju S.
    29/08/2019 09:52

    We are ready to pay the traffic signal violations but who will pay us if the signals don’t work? Rules are not meant for one person or one group.. it’s equal for everyone including the “higher officials”.. Till now I never ever heard or seen a single Minister followed traffic rules..

  • Narasingha P.
    29/08/2019 05:28

    इतने कानून के बजाय भारत में 40 से ज्यादा रफ्तार बाली गाड़ियों को बैन लगा कर रास्तों को safe किया जा सकता है

  • Narasingha P.
    29/08/2019 05:24

    India govt must be provide best roads then the rules are welcome

  • Shakthi V.
    28/08/2019 15:04

    Good Road please then bring the rules.!!!

  • Surendra S.
    28/08/2019 11:59

    raipur ki traffic police Matherchod hai

  • Surendra S.
    28/08/2019 11:58

    Police Matherchod hai

  • Archie C.
    26/08/2019 09:56

    Brut... Are you pro government or pro people??? Why don't you share something similar for the condition of the roads... Helmet is for my safety and if I don't wear a helmet I'll get penalized but what about the shitty road conditions... Can't they be repaired or else the construction company fined...

  • Madhu R.
    26/08/2019 02:00

    Gd step. Hope government n public too follow it. They have impose fine to control accident okay,but will this money b utilise. As a citizen of free country, I think we have the right to know. Secondly what is the punishment given to the government authority who fail to provide driving for 1yr n provide licence quickly by taking money.

  • Yashvir S.
    25/08/2019 16:13

    Using phone while driving, every third person is doing the same, even in front of police.

  • Anil M.
    25/08/2019 03:09

    Stop paying bribe an follow traffic rules that all need to do.

  • Harinder S.
    24/08/2019 08:35

    for new drivers

  • Mannu D.
    23/08/2019 12:27

    Gehre hoge police valo k to

  • Subhash S.
    22/08/2019 13:27

    All the law only for who follow it and getting punished by who dont follow law ..

  • Mohammed R.
    22/08/2019 11:19

    In India only if we want escape Police required amount gifted to them They will help to go without fine

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