• Ashvin R.
    05/05/2019 12:12

    It feels good💥💥🤣

  • Apoorv J.
    05/05/2019 12:14

    It's not illeism it's thier superiority complex and specially they wanna address the public ki Kaun Sabse jyada dudh se dhula hai 😄🤣

  • Vivek B.
    05/05/2019 12:20

    really likes this.

  • Aaish N.
    05/05/2019 12:21

    No.Opposition leaders rararely do it.But its proven that the most used word by Modi is name of himself.

  • Sayanee B.
    05/05/2019 12:34

    , eta dakh 🤣😉😆

  • Sher K.
    05/05/2019 12:59

    I cant forget when he said whoa modi ji whoa by himself. Lol. 😂😂😂

  • Juzer N.
    05/05/2019 13:02

    Brand building in action

  • Ashish V.
    05/05/2019 13:11

    Or it's their script writer

  • Zayn S.
    05/05/2019 13:20

    https://youtu.be/Bxr9eFIaU7o Check my vlog on indian election and subcribe my channel

  • Muhammed S.
    05/05/2019 14:42

    How do u describe someone who stiches his name all over his suit ??

  • Chandra P.
    05/05/2019 16:07

    It was also practiced by Mogambo, "Mogambo khush hua".

  • Siddhant D.
    05/05/2019 16:12


  • Mannique M.
    05/05/2019 17:15

    BJP leaders are suffering from diarrhoea of words & constipation of good ideas

  • Mannique M.
    05/05/2019 17:17

    chowkidar🕴🏻has also done some great stuff for nation & its departments. We as Indians must also know these: *1.* During Airstrike, our chowkidar sold 5'Airports to another desh bhakt Guatam Adani on 26.02.19. https://www.news18.com/amp/news/business/adani-group-wins-bid-for-guwahati-airport-day-after-winning-bid-for-5-other-airports-put-up-for-privatisation-2049679.html *2.* Diesel supply to Indian Railways now will be carried out by Mukesh Ambani RIL. Previously done by IOCL & ONGC. https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/companies/reliance-ind-beats-ioc-in-race-to-supply-diesel-to-railways/article6831084.ece/amp/ *3.* Internet services at 112 AIRPORT will be carried by Mukesh Ambani’s RJIO. previously same was by BSNL & MTNL. *4.* Network for armed forces specially at border area & naxal area is being maintained by BSNL, Now this gr8 job will be carried by [email protected] of BSNL. *5.* Recently Chowkidar had sold IDBI, to another great business man & asked LIC to take a haircut. https://m.timesofindia.com/business/india-business/idbi-bank-to-sell-bad-loans-including-rcoms/amp_articleshow/68383143.cms * Most interesting fact is that, most of above was done by our Chowkidar during “Airstrike”on Pakistan.

  • Pawan C.
    05/05/2019 17:23

    कीसे पता था खाकी हाफ पेंट पहनने.वाला दलित जोर जबरदस्ति से सबको हटा कर दिल्लि के प्रधान मंत्रि की कुरसी पर बैठेगा ।

  • Nawin K.
    05/05/2019 17:28

    Chief Minister of south Asia is also in this list🤣

  • Yougander R.
    05/05/2019 17:29

    Defamation case laga dengey if you take their name and insult openly

  • Danish A.
    05/05/2019 18:15

    guess what?? I m gonna be a historic figure 😂😂😂😂

  • Rajiv N.
    05/05/2019 19:08

    they follow the Great One ... Brahma Bull..Eyebrow raising..Trail blazing..know ur role... The Most electrifying Manin Sports and Entertaintment ... The Rock ... ☺

  • Chithra R.
    05/05/2019 20:22

    Don't compare kejriwal with other useless fellows