What’s With So Many Students Failing In UP?

In more than a hundred UP schools, strict anti-copying measures meant not one student could clear the board exam. 😳

30/04/2019 3:04 PMupdated: 30/04/2019 3:29 PM
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  • Anurag T.
    25/05/2019 03:24

    The main root of this problem is reservation . It's not the problem of private schools because the teachers who teach the students in pvt schools r selected by their merrit and teaching experience.

  • Veerpal S.
    24/05/2019 14:24

    Really a good move... Most probably aware of the potential results the government took this step not bothering the aftermath negative publicity. Hopefully it going to help improve the standard of education in the state.

  • Stephen L.
    04/05/2019 09:47

    Debashrita Banerjee, , it saddens my soul when I see such is the condition of our country

  • Ashish C.
    04/05/2019 08:13


  • Shailendra P.
    04/05/2019 05:42

    This is our Pappu, Maya, Akhilesh given to UP. Now Yogiji made big development at least now start training teachers first then good students will come out

  • Pruthvi R.
    04/05/2019 00:57

    Huge waste of taxes

  • Akashsingh S.
    03/05/2019 09:26

    all done by yogi adityanath.. modi tujse ber nhi yogi teri khair nhii

  • Mohit S.
    03/05/2019 08:05

    Chutiye Brut. Ye up ka nhi hai Vihar ka hai

  • Alok S.
    03/05/2019 07:55

    Yogi baba rocks

  • Ashok S.
    02/05/2019 18:50

    Compare the results with Delhi Government schools and you'll know why educated leaders are required in our society, instead of Terror accused candidates who drink cow urine to cure their cancer.

  • Dipam P.
    02/05/2019 18:29

    Reservation was really bad idea to take down India by broking inside. How can 40% science student can get seat in medicals! May be now TV and mobile also distributed by SC st OBC system 😂😂😂

  • Rucha S.
    02/05/2019 08:11

    What else do you expect from teachers selected by reservation and not merit??

  • Jayadev M.
    02/05/2019 06:32

    Might effect the current students, but it's a great move for the future!

  • Bharat M.
    01/05/2019 17:44

    UP me rehna h yogi yogi kehna hai

  • Jamall M.
    01/05/2019 16:30


  • Naval D.
    01/05/2019 14:36

    Education on UP boards exam, almost almost 1 million student Fail..... History has been created in UP where all the politicians and leaders are coming from... plz give us good education thank you

  • Chandra S.
    01/05/2019 12:34

    What about old students who copied and got 1st rank and working?

  • Santosh K.
    01/05/2019 12:03

    Kyun waha padhaane waale sahi nahi hai Kya?

  • Nawed S.
    01/05/2019 10:27

    Good work government.. Now they will study and clear their exams.

  • Jess T.
    01/05/2019 09:50

    Poor kids it is not their fault.

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