When A 6-Year-Old Girl Called Out Sexism

"Why man-made? Why can’t it be people-made?" We got six woman achievers to answer six-year-old Teresa Manimala's important question. Listen up!

10/06/2021 2:30 PMupdated: 10/06/2021 2:31 PM
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  • Priya C.
    an hour

    I asked the same question, when I was at her age, they could not say anything and just said what the woman said, it implies both. I wish there was a social media at that time 😉

  • Nadia R.
    4 hours

    So adorable and correct

  • Meghu S.
    6 hours

    Cz actually history is man made

  • Arjo B.
    7 hours

    we bear both the good and bad of the meaning of a word... it's man-made wonder... aswell as man-made calamity... learn to be on both sides of the coin... feminism isn't only abt. being anti patriarchal... it always existed... it does exist now and will exist later

  • Bhaijaan L.
    8 hours

    What about motherland , mother tongue,etc?????

  • Sernya B.
    8 hours

    My kid: “papa give me ten rupees!”

  • Anjana K.
    10 hours

    A genuine question

  • Rishi R.
    10 hours

    If kids asked this question we can understand but if a aged woman say this, there is no question behind this.

  • Rishi R.
    10 hours

    Girls are so jealous of everything, Want to erase mankind from earth.

  • Sunita B.
    10 hours


  • Rahul R.
    10 hours

    Women empowerment, feminism, Women’s day..MC ye Nai bolna ki mens day bhi hai..BC mujhe patha hai...Celebration tho kis din mana jathahe sabko patha hai....Aaj kal equality ke Naam pe sabko MC gayi hai....Dowry nahi denge magar shaad sirf Ameer se karenge..Minimum 4bhk flat, well settled family, six figure salary, And ...BC ye kaafi Nai hai Kya....Equality ke naam par badnaam he hothe jaare hai sab mard....Ab bas...Bahuth hogaya....Pehle khud ka kuch tho karo na sharam feminists...Baadme gyaan baatna....Or else work hard do good things achieve things in life and then speak...Ye wo log hai feminism ke baare me baath kartha hai jo kuch ukhaad nahi sakthe....Ab slogan change...Sab ko bachao sab ko padhao....Tata bye bye good bye....Khatham

  • Jasmine I.
    11 hours

    It's not nice right..❤️

  • Deepanwita G.
    13 hours

    So sweet

  • Amitava G.
    13 hours

    Then change women to wohuman

  • Muhammad T.
    13 hours

    “Sunen bhaiya hum ladies hen, hamain pehle den” This should get rid too. Apni marzi ati to “innocent women card” warna feminism ki dukaan.

  • Rajib B.
    13 hours


  • Prity M.
    13 hours

    We can mold the way we use language but ultimately we as speakers know wht we are referring to when we say man-made or anything like that . Words are arbitrary. They don't have a strict meaning attached to them. We have made meanings out of them and only we decide wht meaning we refer to when we use them. Language is a fluid thing if u think change is needed change it in your speech...Its as simple as that.

  • Sabita P.
    14 hours

    I had asked these question when I was a kid too. In fact whenever we talk of God we always address as "HE" "HIM" I used to make it a point to complete my sentence with a HER when we talk of God. Am glad social media is carrying these questions far and wide now. But having said that there are terms like "mother board" " Mother nature" used and accepted. It seems so natural when we address our nation as "She" Just saying

  • Sudarshan T.
    14 hours

    So instead of man made say hand made... Who's hand??? Well that's upto ur imagination... Personally i dont care... Its already built...

  • Sudarshan T.
    14 hours

    So do we have to say female dog or calling a bitch still allowed... I'm confused