When A Modi Mimic Walked Into A Fuel Station

Comedian Shyam Rangeela thought he was making a lighthearted video about soaring petrol prices. A petrol pump operator didn't find it too funny... đŸ€·đŸœâ€â™‚ïž

24/02/2021 3:05 PM
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  • Bablu K.
    2 days

    Modi ka ranga billa hai

  • Ajith
    7 days


  • Manish K.
    7 days

    Bus deshdrohi sabit karna baki reh gaya bhai Shayam Rangeela ko. Aalochna bhi nahi seh sakti ye sarkar. Is tarah se dhamkana ye dikhata hai ki ye government ki jade bahoot kamjor hai. Be ready for reduces interest rates of Small Savings Schemes After Current states elections.Deshhit me bhaiyo behno.

  • Hasnain H.
    02/04/2021 00:41

    I support your views

  • Brajen S.
    30/03/2021 07:07

    I feel nothing wrong in such comedies.

  • Raj Y.
    25/03/2021 14:57

    à€Čà€—à„‡ à€°à€čà„‹ à€†à€Ș à„€à€•à„à€€à„à€€à„‹à€‚ à€•à„‹ à€­à„‹à€•à€šà„‡ à€Šà„‹à„€

  • Pritam V.
    25/03/2021 05:39

    Karo or bakchodi

  • MĂ„Äșık N.
    24/03/2021 08:35

    Isko jail mai dalo.... Bjp k khelaaf nai bolne ka... Mirchiii dalooo iskoo Ye desh rohii hai.. Pakistaniii haiiii.....

  • Durgesh P.
    23/03/2021 14:32

    Don't worry keep going it just comedy my seriousness

  • Md S.
    21/03/2021 10:53

    Bhae India h yaha kuch v bologe to glat ho jaoge ya desh drohi kehlaoge

  • Hasib A.
    19/03/2021 17:29

    Love bro

  • Tania K.
    18/03/2021 18:05

    it is 20th feb in hindu-stan ha ha

  • Shirish S.
    18/03/2021 17:06

    why selective amnesia of 18% homeloan in Mamohan Era and 6.5 % current homeloan. Amount saved per annum on 10 lakh loan Rs125000. 30 % income tax on 5 lakh income in Manmohan era and 0% incometax on 5 lakh currently. So amount saved on 5 lakh income is 150000. So do yo you think currently saving 2.75 Lakh you are unable to pay Rs 100/lit for patol and current price of Cylinder is more than 2.5 lakhs be rational in Ex PM Manmohan Singh's very humble workds patrols does not grow on plants.

  • Subhamoy P.
    18/03/2021 09:16

    Bjp hatao Desh Bachao ... Aapne aap Sub Thik ho Jaye ga...

  • Tenz P.
    17/03/2021 17:43

    India Worlds largest democracy??

  • Tenz P.
    17/03/2021 17:39

    Haha BJP modi ji Govt...we have no rights of expression???

  • Utpal M.
    17/03/2021 17:05

    This is the democracy ! of "mera Bharat"

  • Shaik Z.
    15/03/2021 08:42

    đŸ˜đŸ€Ł ab hum 100Rs ko 100 hogaya nhi bolenge toh 35Rs Ltr petrol bolenge kyađŸ€ŁđŸ˜

  • Bi R.
    15/03/2021 06:09

    Ish desh me yahi toh khaas baat he ki Kuch ho na ho lekin logo ko Kisi b ek bisai pr tark bitark krna bohut Pasand he..tavi toh entertainment Hoga..or partybaji Hoga..jaatpaat Hoga or na Jane Kia Kia... Avi toh bas suruwat he rangeela ji.. qki logo ko ishi me Maja aata he..jisko Sahi b galat or galat b Sahi Lagta he....🙏Bas God balla kare sabka.

  • Ajit S.
    15/03/2021 05:39

    You r good person I had seen your vedio nothing wrong.

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