When A UPSC Topper Thanked His Girlfriend

The 2018 UPSC topper became a social media star for publicly thanking his girlfriend for offering him support. But this is why Kanishak Kataria’s achievement was truly significant. 📚💑

04/09/2019 10:52 AMupdated: 04/09/2019 10:55 AM
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  • Vikram M.
    04/09/2019 10:57

    Aise gf chahiye mne bhi👻 plz contact me

  • Vishwa G.
    04/09/2019 11:01

    Now three type of comments will be displayed here by dogs 1.)quota bow bow 🐕2.) reservation bow bow🐕 3.)I would have topped if I had girlfriend 😂😂

  • Alok K.
    04/09/2019 11:05

    SC tha to kya hua... Wo dimag bi km lekr paida hote hain kya....cast doesn't matter for eligibility...

  • Shogun G.
    04/09/2019 11:07

    People with Brahminical mindset can go fuck off. Apne baccho ko bhi jaatiwaadi banao. Aur fir bolo hamara desh sudharta kyu nahi. Hypocrite fucks.

  • Vineet K.
    04/09/2019 11:09

    Bhai SC bhi padhtey hai..Mere Bhai ...

  • Sunny G.
    04/09/2019 11:09

    Why brut try to divide HINDUS on caste basis 😈😈trust me u will never succeed in dividing Hindus 👈he topped not coz he was a DALIT but coz he had worked hard for it and deserved it👈we are one and will remain always one 🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • BipAsha B.
    04/09/2019 11:10

    Socially backward. LOL

  • Vipul M.
    04/09/2019 11:16

    Ye tum sb itni mehnat , ache se padhkar bhi Ghuskhor kyo ban jate ho.... Aaj Statistics department Mai chor mila.kl koi ar milega

  • Suresh C.
    04/09/2019 11:17

    teri success ki piche kiska haath h😅�al ma'am pucho iss se.

  • Mp S.
    04/09/2019 11:22

    Deep Singh

  • Shailja J.
    04/09/2019 11:35


  • Doma W.
    04/09/2019 11:43

    Voting is confidential, one is not suppose to make it a proclamation.

  • Harmeet S.
    04/09/2019 11:45

    chahe vo kaat de iska baadme jaisa tera katke gyi

  • Aman S.
    04/09/2019 11:56

    tumhara time kb aayega🤣🤣

  • Sakshi
    04/09/2019 11:57

    He got 1st rank among all categories

  • Clifford S.
    04/09/2019 12:00

    thanks to his girlfriend

  • Rafi M.
    04/09/2019 12:11

    Why the people highlight Dalit.... Are people hated to Dalit? Anyone can explain? What's matter?

  • Shashwat S.
    04/09/2019 12:30

    Now I'm sure he is gonna ask for 2cr dowry from his gf.

  • Puneeth S.
    04/09/2019 12:33

    What are you trying to prove. Are you praising this guy or defaming him as he is Dalit topped upsc. What's the conclusion

  • Arun K.
    04/09/2019 12:59