• Rajendra A.
    11/11/2020 19:45

    Yes you are a liar

  • Muhammad M.
    07/11/2020 09:33

    Wah Modiji Wah

  • Micky S.
    06/11/2020 06:07

    Yahi to chalaki hai Teri chaturai se baat ghuma Kar apna hi fayda bana leta hai uske liye chahe apne aap ko gaali Deni pade zhoothe vo b de leta hai apne aap ko,kya zhootha insaan hai

  • ஆஸ்பின் ற.
    05/11/2020 22:04

    He is right. Such animals infested the country, they need to be eradicated with effective pests if not they will spread communicable diseases that destroy the oneness of country.

  • Vivek T.
    05/11/2020 07:59

    Sindhia ji dog are trustworthy but u r not that type

  • S R.
    05/11/2020 06:16

    गलत कहा तुम कुत्ते नहीं हो, कुत्ते तो वफादार होते हैं।

  • Bhaskar M.
    05/11/2020 04:09

    Pappu naam ka gadha ke supporter he so politics aur animal ka connection rahega na

  • Rupin S.
    05/11/2020 02:55

    Modiji ka accha bhi lg ra thha chuuha and monkey but the way of dialogue delivery of scindia 🤣🤣🤣 you just laugh at it!

  • Ayesha S.
    05/11/2020 02:16

    Why are you insulting the dog, the dog is much better than human like you

  • Kishan S.
    04/11/2020 09:35

    Bahu maza Kari lidhi bhai have des na utthan ni vat kar bhai.Roji Roti,Aman ,sresth shiksha,free medical seva,poverty alleviation,strike on hunger.so many burning issues.

  • Shiva T.
    04/11/2020 09:13

    Many abused modi but they show thier mentality calling him chor , hitler and many things at least he didn't take revenge by misusing political power like SS is doing 😀 pura nahi likhunga mujhe jail nahi jana 😂

  • AdvDrfaizan A.
    04/11/2020 03:28

    Cause they are animals

  • Jaswant S.
    03/11/2020 22:21

    In today date he is Tota Hat RssI. He will eat whole country and say haa haa. See the ecnomy of country and his jumle of 2 crore jobs. 5aerodroms sold before Dewali. Jee hai to jahan hai.He has nothing to do with country.20 lakh crore corona money gone as he has amended RTI in his favour. All deptt are puppets. Mandir masjid he will make uda and spread hatred. Jogi and nimboo mirch are his general and yes men. And Nagpur is also adviser.For nadda gadda heis God. Chota tota bimmar hai.free sui for whole country. Jumla

  • Tabrez Q.
    03/11/2020 19:43

    No wonder we are witnessing the great Indian safari, 🤣 and the safari has variety of species, terrestrial, Ariel, aquatic, did I forget the horns and the tail, and I don't want to forget the endangered species too. 🤣

  • Rajib D.
    03/11/2020 18:18

    Great Indian Nautankis

  • Manish
    03/11/2020 17:05

    Cringe level 10000🤢🤮

  • Prateek G.
    03/11/2020 16:52

    Neta Madari Hai Janta Jhamoora Hai

  • Pradeep V.
    03/11/2020 13:56

    Please give space to animals. They don't like this shit!!

  • Mathaikutty V.
    03/11/2020 13:27

    This indicates their worldviews and status...

  • Kelvin F.
    03/11/2020 11:40

    All the politicians are experts in that even if they are hard core criminals

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