• Shafi A.
    29/09/2020 03:59

    Jaisey chuney aisey hi bhuktoo

  • Senthilkumar G.
    29/09/2020 00:24

    This is like wearing underwear and Let the THING OUT 🤪🤪🤪

  • Aakash G.
    27/09/2020 17:19

    why selective?

  • Mike J.
    26/09/2020 14:14

    I call it Fake Covid

  • Arvind C.
    26/09/2020 13:59

    there is enough space among the members of parliament so its ok to bring down the mask while speaking.....post something better

  • Ketan S.
    26/09/2020 11:49

    And they are people's representatives... 😅🤣

  • Tenzing D.
    26/09/2020 08:42

    very strange how the law functions as one can truly see power politics at play. I and my friends got fined ₹500 for not wearing a mask properly in our private car, even though we were wearing it😷😷😷

  • Pradeep K.
    26/09/2020 07:39

    It's good for politicians.. A major clean up

  • Arjun K.
    26/09/2020 05:29

    Well generally the content of BRUT is amazing but this was in my view pretty sad that, human beings in this haste for mask and social distancing are also forgetting that wearing masks causes trouble sometimes in breathing sometimes on the Ear Helix and out of just Naruttom Mishra no other member was purposely doing it. I as a human being sometimes push it down ans I believe that similar sensitivity should be observed for them as well. Rest our popular Camera Culture is itself deteriorating and just because someone is a social figure he is more suspectible of being targeted

  • Amitava G.
    25/09/2020 21:16

    The solution would be to build better masks. But hey, it's a good thing that covid happened. Now we have less shit talkers.

  • Taruk R.
    25/09/2020 20:56

    Never expected jaya bachan to.be such a dumbfuxk . wtf is wrong with her .

  • Suhail A.
    25/09/2020 20:26

    2 gaajh ki doori ....desh ki abaadi malum hain? Aur unemployment kitna huwa hain? Covid aur bhook dono se marenge log...🤣🤣🤣✌️...... andhbhakts muh se hagne nehi aana idhar

  • Amitava D.
    25/09/2020 20:19

    Outstanding!! Brut India...outstanding video !! ☺️😄😆 👍

  • Titli B.
    25/09/2020 19:19

    Ey lok gulo r abar ki Covid holayo eyder jono hospital beds achay tai ey rokm behaviour 🙏 r normal manush ra der kopal a joto prblm 🙄

  • Preethi D.
    25/09/2020 17:58

    and blame the government for the spread.

  • Ratnam S.
    25/09/2020 17:20

    , you must know that the Speaker had permitted the MPs to take off their mask while participating in debates.

  • Aastha S.
    25/09/2020 17:19

    Irresponsible behaviour is expected in our Parliament. I would be surprised if they actually wore the masks well... Btw, you missed Madam Moitra and Sir Tharoor.. that's the first thing I noticed in both their viral speeches...🙄🙄🙄

  • Monojit K.
    25/09/2020 16:42

    these mps know well that for them 7 star treatment is available and no tension for getting a bed like normal citizens,

  • DrShivendra S.
    25/09/2020 15:43

    These are our lawmakers.......they r even releasing guidelines for covid control....want a pity

  • Supreet G.
    25/09/2020 14:46

    This is guy who said that situation is under control in our country and we are fully prepared for handling this pandemic.

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