When Everyone You Love Is A Doctor

The families of doctors also go through unimaginable stress when they hear reports of doctors being assaulted. Abeer Khan, who comes from a family of doctors, talks about the pain...

11/06/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Ashok S.
    4 hours

    Why not this spirit injected in all human beings, specifically in the minds of all doctors. 70% doctors are not treating patients as the patient needed during this covid pandemic situations. Most of the nursing homes exploiting covid patients. You recognize this truth Mam. If don't believe take a case study.

  • Nisha A.
    6 hours

    Nurses too

  • Jigyasa W.
    6 hours

    I so agree wth u

  • Priya K.
    7 hours

    I agree

  • Tahera B.
    8 hours

    truly respected

  • Areeba K.
    9 hours

    Thank u all for ur dua’a for our family Indeed Mummy Sitwat Khan Papa Jamshed Khan and Danish have gone out of the way and helped people and no one knows it better than the patients and the doctors family. The covid times were toughest on the doctors So many doctors have lost their lives and so many doctors worked under immense stress and fear But as they say “The show must go on…” so it did! Doctors went on with their duties and tried their level best But the unseen part of the doctors story is the constant fear stress and the loneliness the doctors families face And this time I wasn’t a doctor but I was his pregnant wife which was BTW nerve racking in all ways!!! This message was beautifully conveyed by Abeer Khan Thank u for sharing my sisters message Three cheers to the doctors Love them Respect them Be grateful to them Please don’t beat them up They are humans and they have a family to go back to🥰

  • Srijana S.
    13 hours

    But unfortunately,some doctors and nurses left covid patients to die without even touching them😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  • Sudeshna G.
    16 hours

    I stand by u ,being myself from a family of doctors,nurses I wish people stop generalizing stuff and if you think doctors are disgusting then please do your own medications,operations,treatments,consultation etc Heal World

  • Ena D.
    16 hours

    Yes all doctors are not bad. We belong to the family of commoners. So if we raise questions on doctors, at least on some on them then there must be some reason. Doctors are regarded as next to Gods. So why would anyone raise questions against them without any cost. When my mother broke her leg, the doc who operated her took two times more money than needed. And when she needed a physiotherapist the same doctor who provide one person who was taking a lumpsome amount. When we asked if we could take help from some other physio, the doctor said there is no need. Ok. So this is our everyday experience. In this situation the doctors are doing their best. I'm not insulting them, I dare not. But it is also their part of job. Isn't it? Similarly the soldiers are also always at risk. But don't get equal respect. I really admire those doctors who take minimum fees from poor patients and working in rural areas.

  • Kunwar S.
    18 hours

    Allah Bless all frontline warrior

  • Sam Q.
    18 hours

    Salute to dear

  • Ganesh B.
    18 hours

    People don't hate doctors readily but they do hate medical bills, especially specialist/surgeons fee, which is exorbitant in most cases, hence you have to demand respect otherwise you will receive love for sure...👍

  • Akiam A.
    20 hours

    God bless all frontline workers

  • Uttam L.
    21 hours

    Do covid actuallly exist.

  • Arun L.
    21 hours

    Thanks for sharing the experience and emotions, ! True respect for all Frontline workers!

  • Aisha A.
    a day

    Very well expressed Well done Abeer !!

  • Waqar M.
    a day

    Very nicely expressed feelings beta. Doctors deserve love and respect from society. Doctors are not responsible for the poor health infrastructure in our country. It's our political system who is spending least on health budget which is the main cause of misery of common man in our country. Since our media is managed by politicians and IAS officers and they have been successful in portraying that all these poor health facilities are because of doctors. They have been successful in running the narrative that doctors are careless and lutera and neta ji and officers are Holy Cows.

  • Mahatab K.
    a day

    I agree absolutely that today Doctors & nurses are the people those who have forgotten nearly their families to save others family members & I salute them for their sacrifice.If we say that the arm forces sacrifice their lives for the safety of our country then Doctors & nurses are the people they are sacrificing their lives & their families to save the people of our country.

  • Ruptrishna B.
    a day

    True...only self centric people don't acknowledge doctors and nurses tiredless work

  • Monoara S.
    a day

    It's really nice to hear from you. We should have some respect for the doctors who are trying to save our life in this situation.