• Suresh R.
    25/04/2022 15:22

    First thrown stones and then do bhaichara hypocrisy at their best.

  • Vrnkata P.
    25/04/2022 07:21

    This is what india is known for, tolerance is the hall mark of indian life,,,long live unity in diversity,,,

  • Mak L.
    24/04/2022 10:02

    India needs more internal reconciliation like these examples...... hopefully you will get leadership that assist more harmony in the country......

  • Vikram D.
    23/04/2022 14:34

    Noida comes under UP so it's obvious to have communal peace....

  • Imtiyaz A.
    23/04/2022 09:20

    Christmas 😊 No Problem Baisakhi 😊 No Problem Onam 😊 No Problem Parsi New Year 😊 No Problem Guru Nanak 😊 No Problem Durga Pooja 😊 No Problem Ram Navmi 😞 Why Problem

  • Mehmood P.
    23/04/2022 05:42

    Respects to all as we are all Indians irrespective of what religion we follow.

  • Rajani N.
    23/04/2022 03:31

    This is what we need all love no hate

  • Soofia K.
    22/04/2022 22:56

    I m sure they are not bjp ruled states

  • Hemili P.
    22/04/2022 16:30

    Sorry...... they can ever be trusted..... will stab you from back...

  • Tsukti J.
    22/04/2022 16:29

    United we stand

  • Johnty C.
    22/04/2022 11:34


  • Milinda R.
    22/04/2022 06:33

    Why riots stone pelting happens only on hindu festival.. who is intolerant.. not a single incident of riot when muhurat eid celebrated .. that it self says the truth .. being human respecting others in their own native country should come easy but woth muslims upbringing so muchh hate they fill against non muslims ..it works against that innocent child who becomes criminals or terrorists or moulvi .. and when you catch them .. they never cut hands of thief .. they don't follow sharia .. they follow sharia to stone pelt on hi dus and target hindu girls riots and brutal killing and sex slavery rape .. shame on educated muslims .. who stand with criminals just because he or she is muslim ..

  • Saif A.
    22/04/2022 03:01

    😃😃😃 Almost all the love brotherhood & harmony showed by Muslims only

  • Osman Y.
    22/04/2022 01:51

    Why only Muslims need to show solidarity why not hindus because our religion tough us....... Muslims are loving❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wake up Muslims

  • Rhidhiman P.
    21/04/2022 19:06

    This is india and we shall make it like this not what this BJP wants

  • Vijay S.
    21/04/2022 18:03

    This is my India...loved it.

  • Mohammad K.
    21/04/2022 16:29


  • Ishita B.
    21/04/2022 12:21

    https://fb.watch/cx1oGSd4SP/ Watch this also brut wala

  • Bruce N.
    21/04/2022 03:34

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  • Sara G.
    20/04/2022 21:42

    Why should Hindus put up with this? It is time Hindus wake up and stop being deaf dumb and blind. You have been taken advantage of for too long from being killed to converting. Stop 🚫 being the doormat in your own country and comparing to others. India 🇮🇳 is Hindu land .

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