When India's Youngest Mayor Took On Age Critics

So what if she was in a room filled mostly with people much older than her? Mayor Arya Rajendran had had enough of their snarky ageist remarks. This is how she shut them up...

21/06/2021 11:27 AM
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  • SP D.
    2 days

    Very good madam . May God bless you from Calvary full gospel ministry Bangalore PASTOR Daniel chinnapa Garden Bangalore 46

  • Harish M.
    23/07/2021 10:42

    It’s an act of frustration. She doesn’t have any power to do anything. If she is such strong personality then solve waste management issue in Trivandrum. We don’t want cinematic style dialogue. We want action and reforms.

  • Joyce P.
    20/07/2021 21:09


  • Loganathan V.
    19/07/2021 02:24

    Respect to be given to the position and not for the age and parties. People's support is there for the right persons, wherever they are and whatever is the age.

  • Mahesha M.
    16/07/2021 09:04

    Bravo Mayor, good going stop not till you teach these so called seniors the basic decency of showing respect to women irrespective of age.

  • Saisantoshi C.
    15/07/2021 04:46

    SUPERB ..... BEFITTING Reply Madam ......Arya Rajendran.......BIG congratulations Madam......Well done.......Just keep going.......👌👌👌 Let the Society know and understand EFFICIENCY and POWER of a WOMAN...... 🎉🎉🎉

  • Snigdha B.
    09/07/2021 07:12

    amdr age e kmne eto boro responsibility palon krtse dkho.. Ktha bolar dhoron strong

  • Gargi R.
    08/07/2021 17:58

    What an inspiration! What an achievement at such a young age. This is determination. It was almost comical contrast when in between her fiery speech myntra ad started playing where Kiara Advani was admiring kurtis 😄

  • Abdul S.
    07/07/2021 16:46


  • Afreedi K.
    07/07/2021 15:35

    A true inspiration. Burn haters. Empirical knowledge isn't the only learning that an individual attains. It can be theoritical too. And at least she is way way way above your religious bullshit, to all fasicst retards out there! 👍🏻

  • Akshay S.
    06/07/2021 07:25

    How can someone be 21which seems like she must not been even graduated nice

  • Parvathy S.
    06/07/2021 01:40

    Apdi podu...!!!...

  • Raja R.
    06/07/2021 00:59

    I really don't understand why people in their 70s or 80 s age is still active in politics? What is their retirement age of politicians?....

  • Hari H.
    06/07/2021 00:39

    At the end what she said, that’s her quality. It’s a proud moment for her, appreciated and wishing all success to her. Respect ✊🏽…..

  • Kesav G.
    05/07/2021 13:11

    😁😁 she build crematorium instead of hospital 😁😁😁😁

  • Avinash B.
    04/07/2021 14:27

    I'm BJP supporter But the reply was savage to him 😂

  • Praveen K.
    04/07/2021 09:02


  • Prakhar B.
    04/07/2021 06:08

    Appreciates a lot this is called real faminism 👍

  • Sooraj S.
    03/07/2021 16:48

    Can she stop the upcoming TVM central flooding , open challenge to mayor Arya Rajendran from TVM residents.

  • Robin M.
    03/07/2021 15:32

    Even brut is now sold media 🤣🤣🤣