When Modi Quoted Sher Khan In Afghanistan

As the Taliban advances in Afghanistan, India is keeping a wary eye on the situation. Five years ago, the atmosphere was very different when PM Modi inaugurated the Afghan Parliament building constructed by India... #TBT

22/07/2021 6:57 AM
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  • গন্ডগোল ম.
    13/01/2022 08:14

    Your vote is my main fuel for continuous lies.

  • MdAshiq R.
    03/01/2022 16:59

    Koi ye guru se sikhe 😂🤣😁🙏

  • Nasi P.
    01/01/2022 15:07

    Look like when a student delivering a presentation speech infront of the school

  • Anthony L.
    25/12/2021 04:49

    Modi will promote a huge project in Afghanistan by constructing many cenimas and entertaining Taliban's with more bollywood movies. Where you see hindu.muslim bhai bhai. But in reality in India the religious extremists try to divide and tear the country apart from inside.

  • Rossi M.
    22/12/2021 21:18

    pehli baar behenchod ko engliz me baatein karte dekh raha hu

  • Ricky P.
    21/12/2021 12:32

    Talking through his ass again

  • Ali G.
    18/12/2021 12:51

    The biggest loser in afganistan😂

  • Chandrakant A.
    16/12/2021 17:17

    तालिबान हथियार लेकर अफगानिस्तान पर जब चढ़ाई किया तब यही शेर खान अपनी औरत, बच्चे और संपत्ति छोड़कर भागने लग गया था पूरी दुनिया ने देखा.!😂

  • Atif R.
    16/12/2021 12:28

    Where is this friend now?😄😆😀

  • Safayat S.
    16/12/2021 08:55

    friend is your faith. Now,talib's removed your friends by kicking on their ass from afghanistan🤝🤝

  • Naumaan S.
    16/12/2021 08:01

    Lol we are now deporting afghans back to afg…..

  • Najamul S.
    16/12/2021 06:27


  • Hakimi A.
    19/11/2021 08:14

    So many people get jealous lollz. Long life AFGHAN India friend ship

  • Bravo B.
    18/11/2021 19:18

    India will be always in every Afghans heart 💖, every thing Taliban have now and enjoying must thank India for it. IF there was Pakistan helping Afghanistan they will be riding donkey and sitting in dust. But now sitting in parliament, seeing lots of developing roads, modern school systems and school and university, technology, educated people.. what have Pakistani done???

  • Aziz S.
    18/11/2021 17:02


  • Perwiz S.
    17/11/2021 14:52

    Your bullshit is our belief

  • Waseem H.
    12/11/2021 12:35

    Your country and our investment, which is sinks in the Dam

  • Mahmood A.
    09/11/2021 00:01

    Waoo dump people claps on his acting

  • Junaid A.
    29/10/2021 20:16

    اب آرام ہے مودی جی۔ Your humiliation is our Success.

  • Usman A.
    10/10/2021 17:47

    Pher ic ka bad charago ma roshni na rahii😊

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