When The Police Nabbed An LeT Commander

This is what unfolded when security forces engaged suspected militants in a house near Srinagar.

29/06/2021 3:11 PMupdated: 29/06/2021 3:13 PM
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  • Shivakumar A.
    08/07/2021 14:29

    Great, not a single Terrorist Devils might be SPARE, Have to kill each and every Terrorist Bastards as soon as possible and the same time one who supporting this Terrorist Devils they must be considered as a Terrorist then PUNISH SEVERELY instead of KILLING.

  • Messi P.
    04/07/2021 05:29

    Awesome...Jai Hind

  • Wasi W.
    03/07/2021 03:58

    India has forcibly occupied Kashmir we want to end this indian seige here

  • Zeeshan Q.
    02/07/2021 07:54

    Jb wahan k logo pr zulm krogy toh hzaaaro log tmhary khilaaf hathyaar uthany pr mjboor hjye gy lanati hinduatorro tmy q smjh mei ni ata 🤣🤣

  • Pitamber D.
    01/07/2021 08:13

    Millitants* Terrorist ✅

  • Vikas T.
    01/07/2021 04:20

    Ek to inlog ko kuch aata nahi he, besharmo jese mar kha ke chalejate he, etna maar khayehe pir be inko kasmir caheye !! 🤣,Aare! Padai likhai karo, aapne baccho ko IAS,vaias banao par nahi ,tumko to tumko to terarest bannna he !! [email protected] me chagune be kat rahe he 😂!!

  • Skull Y.
    01/07/2021 01:31


  • Prince R.
    30/06/2021 21:36

    Journalists witnesed this encouter but why not always? ??? Like in HMT fake encounter in which students were martyred and many more in the same way.....

  • Majid A.
    30/06/2021 11:41

    Pulwama attack ka kuch bi nai mila nia ko kyoki BJP khud yah attacks karwati hai power mai rehnay kay liyeh

  • Majid A.
    30/06/2021 11:39

    They kill innocent boys in kashmir because of BJP

  • Husain T.
    30/06/2021 11:22

    UP elections coming up... till results are declared all kashmiris are trrsts! All opp. Parties are traitors! All minorities are conspiring agst feku ! All minorities are grabbing lands, jobs, and involved in all sorts of criminal activities!

  • Shahid J.
    30/06/2021 11:05

    Fake encounters

  • Rajesh S.
    30/06/2021 10:11

    Good afternoon

  • Syed K.
    30/06/2021 09:54

    one among the terrorists who had been caught earlier had been neutralized during the antiterror operation ,unfortunately

  • Dr-Aziz U.
    30/06/2021 09:44

    Druttttth India

  • Kamini A.
    30/06/2021 09:40

    Another legacy of British rule

  • Zakia A.
    30/06/2021 09:01

    Really true doubt indian media as their history of journalism is hilarious 😆

  • Zubair
    30/06/2021 08:15


  • Javed B.
    30/06/2021 05:53

    State is shamelessly selling the fake narratives and wanna be journos n blind faith people buying so cheaply. Jus check the official Twitter handle of j&k police that contradicts it very well. Have some courage n sense to make them accountable.

  • Avik S.
    30/06/2021 05:50

    The Paks and terrorist Jihadi lovers are currently getting blisters on their b.tts.

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