When Uber India Head turned driver for a day!

Imagine booking an Uber and getting picked up by Uber India’s President, Prabhjeet Singh. We chatted with him about why he got behind the wheel, his experience and captured some pretty incredible reactions from riders he drove. Check it out! This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

17/03/2022 10:27 AM
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  • Gagan S.
    4 days

    Absurd pricing

  • Lovepreet S.
    4 days

    Jb Phle e boldena hai main check krra hu Kya issue hai driver ko main Ake experiment krra hu Toa kya pta chlna isko ... yaan toa chup chap kre ... it’s a fail practical

  • Ramni G.
    05/05/2022 14:00

    I tried contacting uber for a driver who cheated me but there is no way to speak to their customer care.

  • Arpita A.
    23/04/2022 20:54

    Clearly for PR.

  • Deepinderpal S.
    23/04/2022 08:33

    Now a days I don’t get a feel of dealing with a corporate when it comes to Uber. It’s more like a dealing with goons. With Uber it’s one sided communication. Only from Uber to customer.

  • Subramanium K.
    20/04/2022 03:42

    Nice experience

  • Shreyasi D.
    19/04/2022 12:58

    Is he even aware of NO AC, Driver starting the trip without the customers, drivers charging extra amount for switching on the AC. refund mails do come but the amount is never refunded back.... ???? This media publicity is not fascinating for general office goers. We suffer! Hope you get these insights too.

  • Sahil A.
    17/04/2022 10:05

    sbse bkwas company hai uber driver ki problem smjti nhi hai gulam bna ke rkha hua hai

  • Arijit C.
    16/04/2022 07:18

    This makes no sense when hundreds of complaints are never attended. Mr. Prabjeet - please go and check the Uber India complaint page in FB. I am sure you will be surprised

  • Vishal M.
    14/04/2022 14:35

    Most of these new age businesses started in the name to create customer experience but in the race of business initially these people lured the customers with freebies or heavily discounted rate by burning investors cash in the name of a business technique called customer acquisition cost and when these companies tried to make profits then these people did everything except for customer satisfaction even after charging very high prices ……the people running these companies can be anybody but not a business man ……..bcoz business man can do anything in a wrong way but never cheats or dissatisfy its customers but in the case of these new age companies the scenario is just opposite

  • Astha M.
    14/04/2022 08:06

    Fantastic, how are they addressing the issue of raising fares and their own commision while not passing on much benefit to the drivers.. Uber drivers refuse to turnthe AC on in summers..happening all across NCR and many other cities.

  • Venkatesh K.
    12/04/2022 13:37

    It's not helpful...teach ur staff to be good n polite n duty full..if u do it..that is more helpful.

  • Jyoti H.
    11/04/2022 15:40

    he asked the right question, what's up with cancellations man 😂😂😂

  • Pranjit K.
    09/04/2022 08:29

    Do come to Guwahati and try to know customer experiences for a day.

  • Rakesh D.
    07/04/2022 02:36

    In business if actions are not taken fast and on time it's really difficult to get back the lost image . Frequent Cancellation to be after fast , I think other have started informing driver about trip so less cancellation.... But good initiative by UBER head to feel the ground .

  • SwaraLipi G.
    05/04/2022 21:29

    It's a great initiative by ... I think everyone should understand this simple logic that you should always dig into the grassroots to demonstrate growth.

  • Deb A.
    04/04/2022 19:11

    Please come to kolkata...

  • Adv B.
    03/04/2022 18:35

    Mumbai complaint but no response from your support staff. Need urgent attention required. The driver took Rs120 in cash and left remark unpaid. He abuse passenger and asked for 148rs. When we told him that our ride is showed 117 and we paid him rs120 in cash. He abused passenger and took the amount and put a remark unpaid. We have evidence to show that we paid cash as it captured in our camera Sorry state of affairs by uber. That your associate driver has created scene with a female passenger. And more surprisingly you don't have system to call immediate or address grievance. I am disputing the amount shown as unpaid wherein I have paid it in actual. Infact your company should apologise to the female passenger for such sad experience and abusive behaviour by your associate driver. By this we request to take action against such associate driver by you in interest of protecting the diginty of female passenger .

  • Aastha S.
    02/04/2022 10:47

    His car is way cleaner than what you get these days through Uber. Plus 4-5 rides gets cancelled before someone actually wants to go where you want to go.

  • Habeeb A.
    02/04/2022 06:13

    It will be better if you work to teach your driver to do not cancel rides if assigned.

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