When Vajpayee Took Bullock-Cart To Parliament

Baffled by the recent rise in fuel prices? Back in 1973, when petrol got dearer by just 7 paise, Vajpayee had stormed Parliament on a bullock-cart. #TBT

08/07/2021 10:27 AM
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  • Vikas T.
    6 days

    BJP has given Congress a chance to return the favor 😂 I want to see Rahul Gandhi this time on the cart 😂

  • Shashwata B.
    6 days


  • Roshan X.
    7 days


  • Mohan P.
    15/07/2021 18:31

    ABE KATMULLE log !! the reason y PETROL DIESEL is expensive is COZ , the CHRgressis didnt pay the OIL copanies in their RULE instead converted the oil companies debt into OIL BONDS !! And we as tax payers are still paying the interest of OIL BONDS !! WOH Paisa bhi CHORgress khaa gayi !!

  • Gaurab R.
    12/07/2021 09:30

    AB Vajpayee ab humare beech nahin hain, nahin to unko ab is umaar pe modiji ka virodh karna padta

  • Shyamdev H.
    12/07/2021 04:02

    Dear bhakts keeep crying for religion 😡

  • Saginthan
    11/07/2021 13:51

    Hello watever channel u may be. Pls ask Ur educated IT wing to go thro and analyse why this raise and cause . And wat is the best way to come over this hazzard. Instead just keep blurting out the problem and not suggesting any solution for this. Say the reason why the govt has kept the petrol price high. Do u know about Petro bonds. Go Google it u might find it. And how much the govt is paying as debt for that blunder they have made.

  • Jit D.
    11/07/2021 10:32

    Chaddis never see this

  • BP K.
    11/07/2021 05:22

    Rahul ko belgadi me,bithao

  • Ankur S.
    10/07/2021 18:48


  • Ashraff K.
    10/07/2021 18:14

    No IRAN to keep ur economy down

  • Arul
    10/07/2021 10:05

    Nautanki is birth rights of a saffron sanghi.

  • Avinash C.
    10/07/2021 06:26

    opposition h hi ni usi ka fyda utha rhi h modi gov..

  • Chaudhari P.
    09/07/2021 16:37

    waiting for 2024

  • Ashwini K.
    09/07/2021 13:14

    Bhai log there are many reasons of oil price hike like our UPA government took oil psu bond from public during 2009-2014 and those are getting mature from 2019-2026 and NDA government has to repay...this is the reason y opposition is unable to raise their voice 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Aranya R.
    09/07/2021 12:09

    And now Raga tweets! How the mighty has fallen from the most dominant party to being a laughing stock😂 the country needs an able opposition to overcome the atrocities of BJP, and sadly the nation doesn't have any credible party.

  • Himanshu B.
    09/07/2021 07:50

    The only problem is - A firm opposition !!

  • Raj S.
    09/07/2021 06:27

    Everybody should leave their vechile on roads blocking entry exit of every town govt. had to take back the hefty taxes on fuel

  • Sambhaji W.
    09/07/2021 05:37

    Abhi kya sap sung gaya hay kya salonko

  • Arvind K.
    09/07/2021 05:15