Where Is Hema Malini Headed On A Tractor?

Bollywood’s Dream Girl was photographed sowing the seeds for a second Lok Sabha win. But her most recent Parliament stint wasn’t exactly a harvest. 🚜😐

04/18/2019 8:29 AM
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  • Rahul J.
    04/18/2019 08:33

    I never knew that one could get so high after drinking Kent RO water.

  • Saurav K.
    04/18/2019 08:35

    Why ppl are voting to her....just to make modi as a PM....remember always caste ur votes to candidate not to party coz ur Local M.P will only work not P.M

  • Karan R.
    04/18/2019 08:36

    Not only you are bad at harvesting but a worse politician too. Please take a break and manage your dance academies and movies. Let some sensible come and do the needful.

  • Atul S.
    04/18/2019 08:36

    And pappu attendance is poor than her

  • Nikul P.
    04/18/2019 08:38

    Vote for BJP

  • Sandeep R.
    04/18/2019 08:41

    Too much lip enhancing injections. She could hardly move them 🤣

  • Satyajit S.
    04/18/2019 08:43

    Evidence that supports the fact that dream girl turned out to be an arrogant dumbfuck.

  • Narendra M.
    04/18/2019 08:43

    Why do these Iyengaris speak through their nose and not like any normal human beings?

  • Abhishek G.
    04/18/2019 08:46

    Brut India Anti BJP #brutindia #antibjp #congresssupporter they never show any post against Congress, not only Congress but any other parties as well. However I am not supporting any party. But if you are showing anything then it should be fair and equal.

  • Navya S.
    04/18/2019 08:46

    Brut pls send that Azam Khan's vedio regarding underwear his shameful statement about Jaya prada

  • Kapil D.
    04/18/2019 08:47

    इंदिरा गांधी के भूल गए, sale दूसरा पक्ष भी तो दिखाओ, बिकाऊ मीडिया

  • Kapil D.
    04/18/2019 08:48

    सीधी बात, brut india ko unsubscribr करो, मेरी तरह।

  • Ram K.
    04/18/2019 08:49

    बसंती क्या कर राही है चौकीदार की चौकीदारी

  • Zaki S.
    04/18/2019 08:50


  • Nitu K.
    04/18/2019 08:55


  • Shagun K.
    04/18/2019 08:57

    Sorry to say but hemaji aap sathiya gayi making yourself look like a joker by clicking pictures of your NautAnki..

  • Divya V.
    04/18/2019 09:03

    I quit sold media #BRUT

  • Nalini V.
    04/18/2019 09:05

    I strongly support BJP. More then that Mr. Modi. But i strongly feel these sctors and actresses should never be given any political seat. They are making enough money by acting and other ads. Why do they have to do all these stunts. There are so many actors who are doing so much for the public and army by their own money. Hema malini and other actor hardly attend any parliament proceedings. Then also the get full pay and everything free as any other MPs . Why its our hard earn money. From where they emerge during election and talk rubbish saying i did this and that. I humbly request the government please use our hard earned money sensibly on sensible people.

  • Ratan P.
    04/18/2019 09:05


  • Shuja K.
    04/18/2019 09:10

    After joining BJP she lost her charms in public