Who is Ramzan Kadyrov?

A close ally of Vladimir Putin's, he claims there are "no gay people" in Chechnya, films himself wrestling alligators and is known for his brutality... Now, he claims to be in Ukraine to support Russian forces. Who is Ramzan Kadyrov?

29/03/2022 5:34 AM
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  • Jānis K.
    6 days


  • Jaak J.
    16/04/2022 23:51

    Kadyrov “holop” of putin and burning i hell with him ! Slava Uktaine, putin huilo !

  • Roni A.
    14/04/2022 17:18

    Chechnya great person of the world ☠️🇷🇺☠️❣️

  • Grzegorz K.
    12/04/2022 08:23

    Jest szmatą putina, szmatą którą putin podciera sobie ruskie śmierdzące dupsko.

  • Ashik I.
    10/04/2022 19:40

    you should be nominated for Nobel on edetting. Go to toilet & rest in peace.🤣🎬🇮🇳

  • Iky I.
    09/04/2022 22:00

    Vladimir Putin the Dinosaur Global hero Z has emerged long ago as a true leader who will liberates the world from the Zionist pharaonic illuminati Masonic systems imposed by American and the Western European continents puppets followers of Zionist America to rules over humanity globally . Thanks to President Ramzan kadyrov for sending his Chechen toughest army’s helping ours friend Russia to flush the Zionist nazi devils in the toilet of hell Kadirov ours true lion king god bless you and long life to you and Victory for your army’s toughest guy’s true combatants. Volodmyr ZELENSKY a clowns 🤡 became and chosen by the Zionist to be president of Ukrain and driving his peoples and countries into destruction who is a puppets Zionist agent of America and the west who has sold his peoples to the devils of the Zionist movements the west and America today millions is suffering and dying across the globe while the clowns 🤡 Zelensky are in warm comfort hidden and protected well fed with supplies of food and external telecommunication to continues his fake propaganda across the globe while he exposed his own peoples to dies like rats because he is an ass lickers of the satanism bones 🦴 of the Zionist America and British and all’s it’s European puppets ass lickers as well now endangering the safety of the world who is on the verge of World War 3 nuclear ☢️ attack this war will spread and flatten all’s the European countries and as well America takes note Vladimir Putin isn’t a puppet ass lickers he’s a true leader and true patriot of his country and his peoples safety. This unnecessary war in Ukraine are sadly another manipulation but sadly Ukrainian nations has smokes on there’s eyes they can’t see the truth about the Zionist NATO satanic agenda to pushed Russia to defend it’s safety of it’s bless nation and territories against the Zionist NATO agenda satanism master plan. The bless dinosaur has emerged the true Leader President Vladimir Putin true patriotism of his country and peoples as well as the real leader who will liberated the world by shedding the sweats and bloods of his soldiers by the sacrifice of his Russian nations suffering under the Zionist movements sanctions imposed from the American and European western puppets . The bless dinosaur will liberate the world from the satanic grips of the American and western Zionist and it’s NATO puppets followers truth who will defeat the Zionist states of America and the west after nearly 300 years of dominance by always using it’s 3 satanic conspiracies formulations globally, DIVIDES ,CONQUERS AND RULES OVER THE PEOPLES of the globe. American Britain and all’s it’s western allies Has destroyed killed millions of innocents around the globe without any justification by total injustices as long as it’s served the American and the European western interests stollen black gold oil of others countries they kept destroying invades Irak ,Syria, Afghanistan, Libya for it’s black gold . Palestine ( name Jerusalem capital of Israel and stole evict killed innocent children’s elderly of the Palestinians nation from there’s lands replaced by American and European Zionist settlers still America and the west called it the world belongs to themes zionist international satanic movement. America is the biggest terrorism states country in the world who had committed the first biggest unforgivable crime against mankind’s in history by launching ☢️ nuclear atomic bomb on Japan Hiroshima 70 years ago and today America is trying to convince the world he is the only super police of the world when in fact the biggest terrorism deceptive states in the world are American in associations with the west and it’s NATO puppets alliance’s they are all’s immoral puppy dogs licking the satanic bone’s of America takes notes the Zionist Masonic satanic international movement your fall into the pits of the toilets in this world and in the next world will be the pit of hell is next on the corner in the foreseeable your opponent the undisputed dinosaur Hero President Vladimir Putin is send to destroy your satanic manipulative agenda against humanity victory to the Russian Federation and courage and blessings be on ours global Hero President Vladimir Putin.

  • Edward M.
    04/04/2022 19:05

    What a turn coat his days are numbered

  • Glynn P.
    03/04/2022 23:00

    He is a little gutless twat a stupid little boy who thinks he is Rambo get the boy on his own he would shite his pants plus he proudly sleeps in Putin's bed with him think they are both that way Putin's little play thing What a total tosser kadyrov is

  • Fdr I.
    03/04/2022 14:12

    They kill his father

  • Al H.
    03/04/2022 06:14

    Western Puppets and Propaganda machines can't digest the truth. That's Why they came up with false propaganda to vilify leaders who don't bow down to them and act like slaves. Long live Putin and Kadhyrov . May God preserve and protect them from all evil.

  • Eric R.
    02/04/2022 22:52

    A product of his enviroment

  • Rose R.
    02/04/2022 17:42


  • عبدالحسیب ش.
    02/04/2022 12:59

    You know the video is biased when it starts with "THE BRUTAL LEADER" 😂😂

  • Harry H.
    02/04/2022 11:46


  • Mark G.
    02/04/2022 08:37

    Ah, he's a Putin puppet!

  • Armaan E.
    02/04/2022 07:05

    Brutal leader? Funniest joke ever and you know all why he is brutal? Because he's a muslim and like every other muslim whether Palestinians or Afghan everyone is terrorist, brutal, intolerant, barbarian who do not accept the Western colonialism in there land

  • Al H.
    02/04/2022 05:12

    Kadyrov is good leader , Putin too is a good leader Chechens and Russians love them both. They work for betterment of their people and to save Russia from threat of NATO and US. No matter how much propaganda you sread doesn' t change people opinion there . Everyone knows West is good for spreading false propagand against other people and Nations to further your lustful ,evil agenda. No sane person will buy that.

  • Daviti D.
    02/04/2022 04:47

    Ramzan,,, You Shit-kickin', Stinky, Horse-manure-smelling Motherfucker, You!

  • Bob T.
    02/04/2022 02:07

    What you mean claims to be in ukraine? There's like 600 videos of him chilling out in ukraine

  • Ken M.
    02/04/2022 00:43

    What a proud sellout to his own people a disgrace

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