• Muhammad I.
    19/12/2018 00:30

    It belongs to Muslims so let us take care of it !

  • Vrindavan V.
    16/12/2018 04:13

    . Viste esto?

  • Shoaib K.
    14/12/2018 22:30

    Ye Yogi ko khana mughlo ki amanat se hai.... Aur isko dikkat b sabse zyada Mughlo se hai

  • Mayank G.
    14/12/2018 10:53

    Moen ali ???

  • Rohit T.
    14/12/2018 10:04

    Misleading 👎 @brutindia 50 for entry and 200 for main mousoleum

  • Yash L.
    14/12/2018 08:29

    🤣bc atach

  • রাকেশ শ.
    14/12/2018 07:38

    Once again government has shown that they are against poor and pro rich .Rise in fare will decrease the number of tourist and poor people .Other measures may have been taken to face the challenges .

  • Wasim A.
    14/12/2018 06:58

    Demolish it ...it is made by mughal emperor...if the yogi govt don't like anything of mughal or they want to erase the history of mughal...then demolish it

  • Akanksha C.
    14/12/2018 05:16

    Mishra Nikita dekhlo ab..kb chlna

  • Armghan K.
    14/12/2018 04:53

    When indian Govt is going to demolish this Taj Mehal? because its belong to MUSLIMS, Some hindu friend told me this place is for Mandar... As babari Masjid place allocated for Ram Mandar hundred years back Why you indian are protecting this place 🤔

  • Ninad T.
    14/12/2018 03:22

    Satvik Vatsa

  • Sangam A.
    13/12/2018 16:19

    Where all money goes ? Only For maintenance of taaj mal?

  • Gilda B.
    13/12/2018 15:22

    Lo kallo baat

  • Arqam S.
    13/12/2018 14:20

    Make it Tejo Mahalya to save it

  • Seerat E.
    13/12/2018 12:37

    Whole nation should be concerned about protecting ALL heritage sites

  • Mayukh S.
    13/12/2018 12:36

    Remove hotels & roadside restaurants from west gate & south gate of taj mahal. 4 wheelers ban at silpgram at eastern gate but no law for south & west gate.... Even in west gate (within 1km radius of taj) no retriction forautorikshaw & 2 wheelers.

  • Anustha K.
    13/12/2018 12:24

    250 is so less. they should definitely keep it 500-1000

  • Francis S.
    13/12/2018 11:54

    Im pretty sure there is a mandir beneath that structure..

  • Vipul K.
    13/12/2018 10:36

    ni jaare😂

  • Vinod B.
    13/12/2018 09:55

    Irony!! Government must FREE the Taj & Temples and return to respective authorities.. https://youtu.be/Hgfis4dS4EY

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