• Vishwas T.
    05/25/2019 03:01

    He Riggs with Muslim Mind?

  • Raj S.
    05/25/2019 03:01

    Shameless person who always wins because of Muslim vote bank accuses BJP of Hindu vote bank. Free Biryani doesn't work everywhere, loser.

  • Jackson D.
    05/25/2019 03:02

    Hahahah. What a lie. Bjp got more seats than 2014. Bjp grew not sank.

  • Bijon D.
    05/25/2019 03:03

    What a FUCKING mind of this person

  • Harinder S.
    05/25/2019 03:05

    Sahi keha isne jo jo keha

  • Abhishek S.
    05/25/2019 03:05

    Itne saal musalmano ka chootiya kaata Ab hinduon ki baari aayi hai

  • Rahul S.
    05/25/2019 03:05

    Only lies he always fill in the Muslim community.

  • Abhishek S.
    05/25/2019 03:06

    In the name of nationalism all kinds of lies and unsubstantiated claims are being made. Educated fools are the biggest reason for spreading misinformation in the society.

  • Alfon D.
    05/25/2019 03:06

    Bas Hindu ne bjp ko vote nhi diya hai....musalman dalit sikh chrostian sab vote diye hain...ye bjp hai sabke saath chalta hai....tum jese log hi dalit aur musalmano ko alag rakhte ho.. you guys do divide and rule....log aur chutiye nahi hai...

  • Rakesh S.
    05/25/2019 03:07

    Yeah right Modi is rigging our mind and we hindu minds are so stupid that we can even blow ourselves shouting Jai Shree Ram 😂

  • Mahesh S.
    05/25/2019 03:07

    And what about he rigging Muslim mind?( which is way more dangerous to country) #HypoCrate

  • Pradeep B.
    05/25/2019 03:08

    Irony is his party name defines a religion.... And he is talking of Hindu Minds.

  • Pradipta K.
    05/25/2019 03:08

    He is creating a communal hatered with his comments.. just coz his pyare party did not win.. he starts his dirty politics and is now blaming common mass... How idiotic...

  • Naman S.
    05/25/2019 03:08

    Brut india always post against majority, these kind of post make people argue in comment section.. All want is the popularity of the page. Cunning way to get comments.

  • Ajay S.
    05/25/2019 03:08


  • Karan K.
    05/25/2019 03:09

    Party ke naam me muslim aur gyan hindu mind ko wah re rotdu har jgh rota rhega

  • Saurab B.
    05/25/2019 03:10

    at least one politician honest enough not to blame failure on EVMs

  • Sachit G.
    05/25/2019 03:11

    sunno bc ko

  • Ramyajit C.
    05/25/2019 03:11

    Ok! Bdw Whats his party's name again!? #pata_hai_na_aap_sabko_kaha_pata_hai_nai_pata_hai

  • Ramakrishnan K.
    05/25/2019 03:13

    Chal chuttiye