• Rashmi J.
    11/04/2021 17:13


  • Avtar S.
    11/04/2021 15:43

    Bewkuf 🙄🙄🙄 It is way to create vote bank 😂😂😂😂 It is good method to impress indian masses and indian media But in western countries people kick out person like theSe or feku machines out of the sight 😂😂😂😂

  • Kanoj D.
    11/04/2021 15:21

    Is he out of his mind

  • Nikita R.
    11/04/2021 14:29

    , 🙃

  • Ajay K.
    11/04/2021 12:38

    Bawale kuch kaam bhi kar liya kar..

  • Adilur R.
    11/04/2021 12:17

    Why didn’t people burn him off on that fire? 🤣 they dont know even how to prevent fire then how they will protect country's people.

  • Kuna M.
    11/04/2021 11:36

    Camera me kya pose de rahe ho wow😂

  • Salim M.
    11/04/2021 11:01

    Made in India....

  • Venkatesh S.
    11/04/2021 09:25

    Why the can't invent a new device that can sense Fire smoke in an open area🤔

  • Debiprasad I.
    11/04/2021 09:09


  • Er W.
    11/04/2021 08:57

    All lols in BJP

  • Manish B.
    11/04/2021 08:31

    Wo does taught them such foolish dont know, but really such dramatic minister will take this state to long way to development.

  • Tamish G.
    11/04/2021 08:28

    These ministers are the reason we will never become a devoloped country. Stupid idiots.

  • Vikas K.
    11/04/2021 08:13

    नहीं पता का भईया लोग बीजेपी महान है और भक्त भी

  • Kavita M.
    11/04/2021 08:09

    So embarrassing... it's our state...😅

  • ArpitRavi C.
    11/04/2021 08:02

    😭😭😭it's really sad to see this.. and this all happening because of Human activities.

  • Rupinder S.
    11/04/2021 07:57

    This is the situation here. They use our MONEY for their luxury lifestyle or wealth instead saving NATURE ! It's just ridiculous , shameful video for Government Of India. 🖕 and He is a "FORESTMINISTER" moron. Mc.

  • Ranjana D.
    11/04/2021 07:53

    जब इनके प्रधान फोटो शूट कराने में कोई मौका नहीं चूकते तो ये कराये तो बड़ी बात नहीं।

  • Priya T.
    11/04/2021 07:22

    He shud join our fire fighting force...he'll just be fanning fires not dousing them 😂

  • Jaidev S.
    11/04/2021 07:11

    Uttarakhand sarkar mei ek se bad kar ek cartoon Aa chuke hai..

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