Why Medha Patkar Is Unhappy With India's Intellectuals

Medha Patkar wants Indian intellectuals to not only talk about communalism and securalism but also about the struggles of people of the land who depend on natural resources. 🌍

12/10/2019 12:57 PM
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  • Sanskari S.
    29/10/2019 15:53

    I find nothing wrong with what she's asking , on grassroot level people lose a lot of stuff for such big projects and compensation is neglected or is only for name sake.

  • Nikhil S.
    28/10/2019 07:51

    She is the active member of CPI(M) Communist political party. She is supported the naxilisum in kerala, chattisgar, jharkhand and maharastra.

  • Balram B.
    28/10/2019 03:07

    thsi woman is a commie and a huge hypocrite, dont belive on her sweet talk, such people do 1-2 good works to hide their hellish agendas behind it.

  • Kanak J.
    25/10/2019 15:25

    Mr brut You n this lady needs to be exposed .not the Nexus she is talking about

  • यदुवंशी र.
    25/10/2019 14:53

    Displacing 5,000 people for 5,00,00,000 people's future is good...... This type activists are burden...... They need development but from outside..

  • Aniruddha S.
    24/10/2019 04:53

    I don't understand what is there to laugh about whatever she said,

  • Lokesh R.
    21/10/2019 14:15

    Fake people Fake objectives Fake activism

  • मयंक ग.
    20/10/2019 10:22

    Opposite of democracy is itself communist

  • Vijay A.
    20/10/2019 06:18

    Only fight for personal reasons Not for grown life villagers

  • Bhupinder S.
    20/10/2019 03:16

    Building dams is ok as long as govt provide rehablitation for the thousands of people whose homes and farms are drowned due to dam but in this case nothing was provided to majority of diaplaced people now thats wrong

  • Manav S.
    19/10/2019 06:23

    चीन की वफादार चाची तुम 420 हो।।। गद्दारी तुम्हारे खून में है जहाँ खा रही हो वही नुकशान पहुचा रही हो।। Brut को unfollow कर रहा हु आज से

  • Ketankumar V.
    19/10/2019 06:05

    Urban naxlism, anti india force, breaking india force, leftist and mother of all is brut media force

  • Akhilesh P.
    18/10/2019 16:37

    These communist viruses are eating our nation

  • Shyampshyam S.
    18/10/2019 16:01


  • CA P.
    18/10/2019 12:24

    You can wear decent sarees now. Everybody knows who finds you. Your saifuddin soz might not like the way you dress these days. Out of work hypocrite

  • Mub I.
    17/10/2019 17:33

    Atleast she is doing something for someone unlike some shit people who can't even appreciate her efforts instead are criticizing her. Shame guys.

  • Jignesh S.
    16/10/2019 14:12

    Why narmada dam was built ????

  • Dath R.
    16/10/2019 12:14

    Most anti useful person to ever exist..

  • Vamsi K.
    16/10/2019 09:22

    Let's not build dams and industries and go live in forests !! If we really care about the environment, we should have fewer villages with efficient produce(like the US and Europe) and convert back the abundant village lands to forest lands. For this to happen, we need more urbanization and better cities for the migration to happen from villages. We need active businesses and industries to create sufficient jobs and cities equipped with good infra and Power facilities. This is the only realistic and possible way for development throughout the world and India. Unfortunately, we only have 6 major cities for 1.3B people with shitty infrastructure, water problems, and regular power cuts.

  • Bharat U.
    16/10/2019 07:34

    What the hell is this? Everyone depends on natural resources. Does Medha patkar depends on some kind of super natural or artificial resources..?

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