Why Millions Of Women In India Can't Vote

Why are some women not allowed to vote by their families? Because it could hurt their marriage prospects. 😷

04/17/2019 3:03 AM
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  • Shashi R.
    04/17/2019 03:10

    Still we want these situations in our country,? please vote for sake of our COUNTRY and PEOPLE

  • Raj G.
    04/17/2019 03:12

    Sorry but the lady in the video doesn't looks young and unmarried.

  • Yash K.
    04/17/2019 03:13

    We should spread awareness to this old clocks! Their time is gone. Stop ticking

  • Aaish N.
    04/17/2019 03:20

    Blatant lie...For simple fault of EC u r blaming our traditions.

  • Prashant B.
    04/17/2019 03:26

    Brut India is awesome. I'm learning so many new and alien concepts because of them. I've never heard of the voter ID age problem in India until today. My mother, my aunts, my sisters all voted. I wonder how badly all of their marriage prospects were hurt. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Debjeet B.
    04/17/2019 03:27

    Kaisi bakchodi hai...

  • Ravali P.
    04/17/2019 03:30

    what you have shown in this video is totally wrong or i can say it's a just creats a wrong impression among the peoples of other nations... Mens' and womens' votes are equally important nd if something happens with the election commission don't ever blame the whole society nd don't degrade our culture and traditions...

  • Sarita U.
    04/17/2019 03:37

    Disgusting propaganda again

  • Keerthy V.
    04/17/2019 03:41

    Whoever compiled this video is crazy in the head!🤷‍♀️

  • Dollyy A.
    04/17/2019 03:41

    I think saying 50 percent woman in 3 states named by you is an exaggerated figure.. No India is NOT so backward IMO.

  • Safi K.
    04/17/2019 03:45

    The families dont let their women to come for hearing or document verification or establishing parental linkage which are very true for enrolling in the electoral roll. The familes' men are always to come on behalf of those women but officials need the candidates' presence in physical. But those people just misbehave and say that they are enough for their women and they dont need any card as they have other documents. And this is the ground reality.

  • Murugan S.
    04/17/2019 03:54


  • Rahul P.
    04/17/2019 03:56

    Lying to the public at large should be a crime. If you can’t defend your arguments by fact. You should go to jail because opinions are like a......! Everyone has them. But by showcasing it as a part of a news consortium is criminal Manipulation.

  • HISIS -.
    04/17/2019 03:59

    They stole Aadhar data to be able to profile voters. It had to be put to use after that.

  • Susanne T.
    04/17/2019 03:59

    Ah, so India is NO DEMOCRACY!

  • Raj D.
    04/17/2019 04:00

    Brut ! pay me half , i will write better articles.

  • Ankur S.
    04/17/2019 04:09

    Who do such kind of idiotic things. I literally don't believe this video as this is an idiotic allegation with no FACT I FELT THE REASON WHICH IS DEPICTING IS A lie

  • Karuna K.
    04/17/2019 04:11

    Fake news women are having all rights now

  • Karuna K.
    04/17/2019 04:12

    Such nres is brainwashing women and breaking happy families

  • B. S.
    04/17/2019 04:15

    💢✨🌾 That's why government asked.... #Check your name in voters list. It's on line facility..📌